Problem During Live Workout

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Arrgh!  The problem during the live broadcast appears to have been all mine. This was NOT a YouTube bug but an OHS (Operator Head Space).  I started streaming properly and I was able to see the video thru YouTube however, it appears that I forgot… Read More »Problem During Live Workout

Curing The Winter Blues

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Curing The Winter Blues Do you have the winter blues? Do you feel fat and lethargic? Has your nutrition slipped? Is your exercise plan faltering? Are you unmotivated to workout? Serious cases of Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) need medical treatment but most of us just… Read More »Curing The Winter Blues

Planks Can Be Fun!

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Planks can be fun! Everybody knows that planks are great for core, but because they are a static maneuver, they are about the most boring exercise you can do.  In this video I show you three ways to do do side planks that not only… Read More »Planks Can Be Fun!

Coffee and Bodybuilding

Coffee and Bodybuilding Coffee is one of the main supplements that many bodybuilders use but is it the most effective form of caffeine?  Not according to several studies!  Anhydrous caffeine as is found in caffeine pills is more effective than coffee.  Below is a summary… Read More »Coffee and Bodybuilding

Locker Room Etiquette

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We have all been drilled on the basics of gym etiquette, rack your weights bla bla bla, but I want to cover a very advanced topic – Locker Room Etiquette. I’m not making this stuff up, I’ve seen this all in the locker room at… Read More »Locker Room Etiquette