Pillow scream pandemic fitness profiteering

So I do this video about all these horrible useless and overpriced band exercise equipment that I have seen all over facebook in this video:

Then today, it hits me, wait just a second. Its all the same stuff, just sold by different companies! Then the light bulb in my dim little head illuminated and said “ALIBABA”! For those of you that do not know what this is, you will soon. Alibaba is the Chinese equivalent of Amazon except it is Amazon x10. Alibaba is like the B2B version of Amazon where things are sold in large quantity and Aliexpress is the consumer version, similar to Amazon, where individuals can order things. As an aside, you will be surprised to find that in my experience you can save at least 50% by ordering directly from aliexpress instead of Amazon and the shipping typically only takes 10-14 days.

Pandemic fitness profiteering

So, what does Alibaba have to do with Americans screwing over other Americans?  Glad you asked.  I noticed that at least four separate companies on Facebook were selling the same exact product for $49 so I went looking on Alibaba, and guess what I found?  Yep!  These Facebook companies buy it for $5 on Alibaba the re-sell it to you for $49 – a 1000% profit for doing absolutely nothing.

How can these people sleep at night?  This is a pandemic.  People are doing their best to keep healthy and keep fed despite not having jobs and THESE asswipes have the nerve to rip people off by selling them $5 fitness equipment for $49.  Remember, these companies do not have ZERO value add because the compnay “Chooyou” in Zhejiang, China does all the work including printing the custom logo on the bands.   The slimy American company places a minimum order of $100 then ships them out.  Their “work” is to print a shipping label and for that they collect $45.

Yes, people need to stay fit to help them stay healthy but:

  1. This useless product will not help
  2. Wasting $50 on a $5 product helps even less

Profiteering from supplements

I dont mean to single out slimebags, lets get it all out there.  The biggest profiteers of all are the people who sell supplements, like virtually every fitness personality out there … except me.  How much did you spend on your last tub of creatine?  $10?  Guess how much that company paid for it?  Try 50 cents.  Its easy to take advantage of people!  Just create a logo and pow, you have a product!