Bodybuilding and Research

Question everything you read or hear about bodybuilding, even from me!  Research is important but in bodybuilding, good solid research is spotty because there is no money in it so you have to rely on common sense, experience, and intuition to fill in the gaps.… Read More »Bodybuilding and Research

The Pec Chef

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Facebook fans have spoken! In all my future cooking videos I will use my new nickname, “The Pec Chef”. In the first poll I though its popularity was a fluke but in the second poll, the result was crystal clear, the “nude chef” and the… Read More »The Pec Chef

Healthy Egg Hash

I love this recipe because its easy and fast to make, it tastes good, AND I usually have the ingredients already in the refrigerator so I dont have to go shopping!  I call this Scooby Hash, or scash for short :) Lets start with the… Read More »Healthy Egg Hash

Can’t means won’t

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As we approach the end of the year 2011, its a time of reflection for many and a time to look forward about how to improve health, fitness, happiness, and stress levels. Can’t means won’t This is a quote from a good friend’s parents. For… Read More »Can’t means won’t