Working out on vacation

Vacations or business trips are no excuse to stop working out! In fact, they are the perfect time to workout because there are fewer distractions than at home. I took a few days off before my triathlon but started working out again the day after.… Read More »Working out on vacation

Triathlon Results!!!

Success at my triathlon! Despite only having 3hrs sleep due to jet lag I ran a good race. Before this race my best time was 3:19, I beat that time by 11 minutes! I feel ever better about my time considering I had my travel… Read More »Triathlon Results!!!

Airport Exercise

For many, air travel is a stressful and unhealthy experience, but not for me. I like drama and excitement as much as the next man but not during air travel! What I do is get to the airport 3-4 hours early. First thing I do… Read More »Airport Exercise