Fat Acceptance

Fat Acceptance

fat acceptance

If you are seriously overweight and are truly happy with yourself, your health, and your life then stop reading right now, if not, stick around. “Fat Acceptance” is not about changing how society percieves you, its about making yourself healthier, more fit, and happier. I don’t like the fat acceptance movement because to me, its equivalent to:

  • heart disease acceptance
  • diabetes acceptance
  • premature death acceptance
  • miserable, uncomfortable life acceptance
  • social outcast acceptance

I don’t accept the fact that you are seriously overweight and I want to help you become fit. Here I am going to give you the tough love you need – It is YOUR fault that you are fat and no-one else’s.

You are overweight because you eat too much and don’t exercise enough.

  • You don’t have some disease.
  • You don’t have bad genetics or big bones.
  • You don’t have a slow metabolism. Exercise speeds up your metabolism but you don’t exercise! You are probably eating a lot more calories than you think also as this research shows.

If I didn’t workout 5 days a week and watch what I eat I would not look like I do. If I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t exercise I would be a 500 pound jiggle-blob. I constantly have to watch what I eat and avoid temptations by not having them around. I have an incredible sweet tooth and could out-eat furiouspete on donuts, nutella, candy, or cookies any day of the week .. but thats the reason I never buy the stuff.

Stop the excuses!

  • You DO have time to exercise but you choose not to.
  • You DO have time to eat healthy but choose not to.
  • You CAN afford to eat healthy, it’s no more expensive.
  • You CAN afford to exercise, home workouts are free.
  • “I have thyroid problems” … then take the thyroid medication (Levothroid etc) that your doctor prescribed!!! It completely cures the weight gain problem.

fat acceptance = accepting responsibility for being fat

OK, tough love portion is over.   Once you have accepted full responsibility for being fat, you have the power to change your lifestyle and become lean and fit. If your bad choices have made you fat, your good choices can make you lean and fit – thats a positive kind of fat acceptance!

The key to getting fit and lean is to stop looking for shortcuts. If pills and gastric bypass worked we would be a nation of thin people but they DONT work. You gotta realize that it took years to get you in your current state you are in now and its going to take some time to get lean and fit as well. Extreme diets and crash programs always fail. What is successful is also much easier, just a few simple changes.

Losing weight is all about the little choices. Do you drink water with dinner or coke? Do you have french fries or a baked potato with your dinner? Do you do a 20 minute workout when you get home from work or do you watch the news? A lean healthy physique is made up of a lot of small choices that when combined over time, make a huge difference.

You can lose weight and get fit, its really, really easy – heres how:

  1. walk 20-30 minutes EVERY day. Doing this will improve your mood and make you feel better on the very first day AND it will speed up your metabolism!
  2. never drink your calories. Eating your calories instead of drinking them is the easiest way to lose weight.
  3. drink LOTS of WATER, especially before meals. Drinking lots of water fills you up so you eat less food.
  4. every day make two healthy substitutions, for example, order a baked potato instead of greasy french fries
  5. experiment and find non-starchy vegetables you like! Losing weight is about finding foods you enjoy that have a low caloric content. Experiment with vegetables! I know as a kid you hated peas and carrots but there are about two thousand other vegetables out there and some of them you will love!
  6. start a strength training program, even 20min 3x weekly will make a big difference. Not only does resistance training make you feel better after the very first workout but the muscle mass you gain will raise your base metabolic rate so that you burn off more calories 24 hours a day!

Lets set your expectations though, losing a pound a week is about as fast as you can lose weight so if you are 100 pounds over weight thats going to take two years to remove. If you try to lose the weight faster than that, there is a good chance you will end up on the yo-yo express.

Remember, its your bad choices that made you overweight but just a few good choices every day can help make you lean and fit. Want to read the inspiring stories of ordinary people just like you who have succeeded, check out my fat loss success stories and this years fitness success stories.

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