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Many of you remember my video from December of last year where I said I was going to retire from doing fitness videos so I could travel full time. Well, the coronavirus travel bans thru a wrench into those gears and I have had to cancel my entire years worth of international travel. Because it looks like it could be another year before Americans are allowed into Europe or Asia it looks like I will be around doing fitness videos for another year.

Like I have since 2004, I will continue to do one video a week on nutrition, workouts, cardio, or life skills. That will not change until there is a COVID vaccine and I can actually retire to travel which looks to be at least a year away. What will change is that I am adding YouTube memberships for a number of reasons:

  1. Because of coronavirus isolation I feel a need for more social interaction with you folks.
  2. Because it will allow me to do things on youtube that were not possible before!

One of my favorite things to do was the live broadcasts, the reason I didnt do them often was because trolls would spam the chat so that I could not see the legit questions.

Now weekly office hours are back except now you will actually be able to ask questions because the trolls will be gone!

Join-YouTube  Weekly office hours are back!

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Silver YouTube Membership with Scooby1961

The Silver membership allows you to ask questions thru the live chat during live broadcasts. These live broadcasts will be run like the any other live Q&A broadcast I have done except only you silver members will be able to ask questions. The $5/mo pricing is as low as possible to still be effective troll-repellent.  All my past live broadcasts have been frustrating because legitimate questions were always drowned out in the sea of trolls but this will no longer be a problem as few people are willing to pay to troll.

Gold YouTube Membership with Scooby1961

For people who are too shy to ask their questions on a public broadcast or people who have lots of questions, the Gold membership at $25/mo is a better choice because I will hold a private weekly live broadcast only viewable by gold members. Because this will be a very small group, I will be able to make sure I answer everyones questions and I can help designing meal plans, workout plans, relationship advice, financial plans, or whatever.

How to become a Scooby1961 YouTube member

To join, simply click here.  One thing to remember though, I am not a doctor, a therapist, an investment counselor, nor do I have certifications of any kind. I’m simply and old guy with lots of life experience. Also, everything we talk about will be legal and G-rated.

Broadcast Schedule for live broadcasts

The weekly broadcasts will be on Wednesdays starting August 19:

  • Gold members starts at 9:01am Pacific time (12:01pm New York, 5:01pm London)
  • Silver members starts at 9:31am Pacific time (12:31pm New York, 5:31pm London)

As we get more members, I will increase the broadcast length to make sure I have time to answer questions.

Weekly office hours are back!