hardgainer tips

A lot of you out there are hardgainers and in this video I will show you what you need to do.  If you want a million views you make up some fake “secret” to gains but I dont care about views – I tell it like it is.  This video will give you five concrete things you can do if you are a hardgainer.  Its not what you want to hear but its what you need to hear.

Here is the hard, cold truth.  Anyone who is natty is a hard gainer, period.  The only people who are fast gainers are steroid users and fake natties.  People want to think that gaining muscle is quick.  People at my sweat4health forum are much more fitness saavy than the public at large and still I get questions now and then like –

“I have the summer off from school and want to pack on lots of muscle.  If I am willing to dedicate myself 100% to lifting, how much muscle can I gain?”

Epic Pillow scream!

Building muscle is a very slow process, working out really hard is great but a summer will do nothing, you have to have this intensity for years on end!


So, what do hardgainers need to do?

So at the beginning I told you I would show you what you need to do if you were a hardgainer.

  1. Set expectations properly. Use my free muscle gain calculator to see what is realistic to achieve instead of believing fake natty youtubers, closet steroid users from the locker room, and the e-statters in the reddit fitness cesspool. At least on 4chan people get called out for e-statting whereas on reddit its against the rules to question anyones ridiculous e-stats.  Think about this, I have no reason to lie to you. I am selling nothing. In contrast, they are hiding illegal activity, trying to make a buck, or simply trying to get their 15 seconds of fame by exaggerating their results.
  2. Choose a good basic workout plan like the ones here on my website or make a free custom workout plan … and do not make any “improvements”!
  3. Eat good nutrition – Most newbies think they have “good nutrition” when they actually have horrible nutrition .  Don’t leave this to guesswork, make one of the optimal free meal plans at CustomMealPlanner.Com.
  4. Get enough sleep.  Sleep is essential for muscle building so find a way to manage your time so that you can get 8 hours sleep.
  5. Intensity – watch the below three videos to get an idea what kind of intensity is required to gain muscle. Texting does not build muscle, lifting weights builds muscle.

Texting does not build muscles