The Best Workout

The Best Workout

Best Workout

What is the best workout?  It depends on your goals!  Heated arguments go on and on in the fitness and bodybuilding community about what is the “best” type of workout. What they fail to realize is that the reason they are disagreeing is that their goals are different!  On this page I will try to help you find a workout program that fits your needs. The right workout plan for you depends on many factors like age, genetics, injuries, your personality, and most of all, your goals. Below is a chart to help you find the right workout plan for you. You may have to try a few workouts before you find one that floats your boat, don’t be afraid to experiment and see what gives you optimal results. I want you to find a workout plan that excites you, one that you will look forward to doing every day. If you cant get motivated to workout then you have chosen the wrong workout plan, try another. Don’t listen to people in the locker room! If you love P90X it does not matter what other people claim is the “best”. If you love your workout then you will do it consistently and results in bodybuilding take this kind of perseverance.

A “bad” workout done consistently is better than the “best” workout that you constantly skip. – Scooby Werkstatt

The Best Workout

I’m not married to my own home bodybuilding style workouts and want you to find the workout program that is right for *you*. I don’t care what workout you do as long as you find one that you love and will look forward to every day.  Along the left column locate the goals important to you then look for green dots in that row to find the workouts that are appropriate for that goal.

Which Workout Is Best?


P90x etc
5×5 Home BB
Crossfit Plyo-
Yoga teen
 Gym BB workout
strength gain  Fair  Bad  Excellent Excellent  Good  Good Fair Bad Good  Excellent
lean muscle
gain (no fat)
 Fair  Fair  Bad Excellent  Good Good  Fair Bad  Good  Excellent
max weight
gain (inc fat)
 Bad  Bad  Excellent Fair  Fair  Fair  Fair Bad  Fair Fair
get fit and
reduce bodyfat
 Excellent  Excellent  Bad Bad  Excellent  Excellent  Good Fair  Excellent Excellent
improve health  Excellent  Excellent Bad  Bad  Excellent  Excellent  Good Fair  Excellent  Excellent
easy motivation  Excellent Excellent  Fair Fair  Fair  Fair  Fair Fair  Fair  Fair
sports performance Fair  Fair  Good Good  Good  Excellent  Excellent Fair  Good  Good
impulse power,
jump, kick & punch
 Bad  Bad  Bad Bad  Bad  Good  Excellent Bad  Bad  Bad
time efficient,
convenient & quick
 Excellent  Bad  Bad Bad  Excellent  Bad  Excellent Bad  Excellent  Bad
lower back &
joint friendly
Good  Unknown  Bad Bad  Excellent  Bad  Bad Excellent  Excellent  Bad
avoid injury  Good  Unknown  Bad Bad  Excellent Bad  Bad Excellent  Excellent  Bad
ages 10-15
 Excellent  Excellent  Bad Bad  Excellent  Bad  Bad Fair  Excellent  Bad
age 40+
Good  Good  Bad Bad  Excellent  Bad  Bad Excellent  Bad  Bad
 Excellent  Excellent  Excellent Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Bad  Bad  Bad  Bad  Bad  Bad  Bad Excellent  Bad  Bad