The Pec Chef Returns!


The Pec Chef returns with a quick easy recipe. No chopping, no stove, no oven – just a crockpot and a sink required.


Today I have a great recipe for you! With less than 10 minutes of work, including cleanup, you can make 10 healthy high protein meals for the week for just 20 cents each!

The world has changed a lot since my last cooking video on October 14 of last year when I did this cooking video on how to do bodybuilding with a $5/day food budget.

Back then, many people who couldnt fathom spending an hour in the kitchen on a weekend have been forced into cooking because of the shelter-in-place rules in many places so I am hoping more people are open to cooking now.

First let me show you what we are going to make [yum!]

HANS: BLECK! That looks like shit!
SCOOBY: If you make nutritional choices based on what the food looks like you are going to look like … well, like you do!

HANS: But beans give you gas hahahahaha
SCOOBY: Gas is an indication of a healthy digestive system, fart and be proud. The fiber in the beans is what helps your digestional tract to keep the good bacteria healthy.

HANS: but beans are not a complete protein!
Scooby: Pillow-Scream! Hans stop parroting stupid stuff you hear and dont understand! You dont need every single meal to be perfectly balanced, what is important is that at the end of the day, everything tallies up – your macros, your fiber, antioxidants, omega3s, vitamins). I am not suggesting you eat beans the entire day, I am suggesting that one of your four meals has a cheap healthy plant protein source like beans. To me what is important is that you get your protein from a variety of sources. For example, if you eat meat a great protein distribution IMO would be egg protein at breakfast, beans for lunch, dairy/whey for an afternoon snack and then perhaps chicken for dinner.

SCOOBY TO HANS: Any more questions? I thought not, now GTFO

OK, enough blah blah blah. lets make the beans. This takes just 10 minutes of actual work time including the cleanup. weigh the beans, 1150g and soak them for 8 hours. Drain, dump in the spices, cover with water, cook 3-6 hours. Divide into 10 equal 405 calorie servings and freeze what you wont eat in the next 3 days. Then when you are hungry you can just pull one out of the freezer and pop it in the microwave!!



405 calories
25g protein 24%
18g fiber
72g carbs 71%
2g fat 4%


Not a bad meal but adding an apple or an orange really makes it a healthy meal. Link in video description, make a custom meal plan [or click here]. if you click on shopping list, you can automatically put what you need into your amazon cart and have it delivered to your door.

$14.59 – $19.69 11.34kg 10 batches @ $1.50 to $2 per pot each pot 10 servings 15 to 20 cents per meal!

The bean recipe

The bean recipe:

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