Budget weight loss!

Lose weight for just $5/day!

This budget weight loss program is easy, healthy, and very inexpensive. For just $5/day you can lose weight and get fit! That five dollars per day is for everything, the meal plan, the exercise plan AND all the food!!! In contrast, popular diet programs sell pre-made meals that are highly processed, low in protein,  and cost $15-$30 per day plus $50-$250 per month for meetings.  

Because this $5/day budget weight loss plan uses unprocessed and minimally processed foods, it packs a maximum of protein, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and fiber into your meals which means that if you add a good beginner workout program, you can gain muscle and strength at the same time you lose weight!

If this sounds too good to be true, it is because there is a catch – you are going to have to do a little work in the kitchen.  Each weekend you are going to need to spend 1-2 hours batch cooking your meals for the upcoming week. 

Make your custom $5/day weight loss plan for free

Here is how to make a $5/day weight loss meal plan tailored to your precise metabolic rate that is optimal for YOU.

  1. Sign up for a free account in 30 seconds, no email address or credit card required.
  2. Carefully enter your height, weight, age, and select  the caloric goal “Gain muscle, lose fat – 20 percent calorie reduction“.
  3. Click on the link in the menu bar at the top that says “Week Meal Plans”, then from the dropdown, select “Broke Bodybuilder” and click the button labled “Create Week Meal Plan”.

Thats it!  In less than a minute you have a fully customized meal plan for the week optimized for your precise metabolic requirements and it will cost you about 5 bucks a day!

Lets take a look at this sample mealplan for a 20 year old male who is 160lbs and wants to do a slow bulk.  People always wonder how long they will have to cut to achieve their sixpack abs, the bodyfat prediction chart is very accurate and will tell you exactly when you will achieve your goal.    There is a link to a complete shopping list for the week and if you don’t have time to shop then you can order from Amazon Fresh with a single click.

Healthy weight loss on 5 dollars a day!

If you just want to survive as cheaply as possible, then just eat Top Ramen or rice and you can probably survive on $2.50/day.  The problem that is you will quickly end up a very unhealthy and weakly skinny-fat.  On the other hand, if being, strong, muscular, ripped, and healthy on a student’s budget is important to you then you need one that is packed with protein, vitamins, anti-oxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and good fats like this “Weight loss on $5/day” meal plan!

Nothing is this world is free.  If you want a rockin’ physique for $5/day its going to take some prep time in the kitchen but not nearly as much as you think.  If you dedicate two hours a weekend, you can batch cook all your meals for the upcoming week.  If you look in the “about this meal plan” section of the above sample meal plan, you will see links to the three easy recipes you need to make for the week which are three recipes which are spicy lentilsbudget bean chili, and pea soup.

Really?  Just $5/day?

5 dollars a day is just an estimate and this amount will of course will vary depending on how much you weigh, how much cardio you do, and the price of groceries where you live.  Being a bodybuilder is not just about good nutrition – you gotta lift!  The $5/day just covers food, if you want a budget gym option then use home workouts.  For the price of two months gym fees, you can buy a used weight set on craigslist, add a pullup bar, a good free workout plan (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and you are good to go!

I thought good nutrition was expensive

OK, you are still not believing me that you can do this for $5 per day so lets take a look at this by examining the tuesday meals in the sample meal plan above for the 160 pounds bodybuilder who is bulking:

  • Meal 1 – $1.61. Oatmeal and chocolate protein milk: 653 calories.  18 cents for oatmeal, 19 cents for milk, and $1.24 for protein powder.
  • Meal 2 – $1.09. Budget Bean Chili and Apple: 590 calories.   $0.65 for the chili and $0.42 for the apple.
  • Meal 3 – $2.17. Tuna burgers, carrots and apple.$1.02 for the tuna burgers, 73 cents for the carrots, and 42 cents for the apple.
  • Meal 4 – $1.05. Black beans and hemp.  71 cents for black beans, 34 cents for shelled hemp.
  • TOTAL COST: $5.92

The macros for this tuesday meal: 2612 calories, 181g protein (28%), 379g carb (58%), 45g fat (14%).

If you question any of the above costs, please free to double check me.  Here are the price references I use based on 10/6/2019 price in the Atlanta, GA Walmart:

  1. tuna – $0.82/can (walmart – 4 cans for $3.28)
  2. apples – $0.42 each (walmart)
  3. onions – $0.74/lb (walmart – 3lbs for $2.24)
  4. dried lentils – $1.52/lb (walmart – 3lbs for $4.58)
  5. dried black beans – $1.38/lb (walmart – 4lb sack for $5.52)
  6. tomato sauce – $0.65/lb (walmart – three 8oz cans for $0.98))
  7. oatmeal – $0.058/ounce (walmart – 42oz container for $2.46)
  8. canned tomatos – $0.50/lb (walmart – 14.5oz can for $0.46)
  9. dried split peas  – $1.41/lb (walmart – 14oz for $1.24)
  10. canned black beans – $0.89/lb (walmart – 4 26.5oz cans for $5.95)
  11. nonfat milk – $2.25/gallon
  12. carrots – $0.82/lb (walmart)
  13. Jarrow unflavored whey protein – $0.029/gram ($20.69 for 2lb tub)

Should I do lots of cardio?

A lot of people are under the mistaken idea that doing lots of cardio helps them lose weight faster, it does not.  In fact, recent research seems to indicate that cardio makes it harder to lose weight rather than easier.  Does that mean cardiovascular exercise is bad for you?  No!  Cardiovascular exercise still is the #1 most important thing you can do for your health BUT it does not help you lose fat!  Exercise doesnt just improve your physical health but it improves your mood as well which makes it easier to stick to your weight loss meal plans.  For someone starting out with a new fitness resolution, a great way to start is just walking.  Walking is the best exercise for fat loss.  I’m not talking death marches here but a nice 20-30 minute stroll seven days a week.  Note that when you are setting your “Activity Level” in CustomMealPlanner, it assumes that you are walking so do not include walking or lifting weights in your hours per week of strenuous exercise.  Only things like running, jumping rope, or biking up mountains are counted in your activity level.  Again, remember that its great if you want to do a lot of strenuous cardio to become a top athlete BUT it will not make you lose fat any faster as you will still only be using a 20% caloric deficit.  The reason we do not use anything more than a 20% deficit is that it burns off muscle which makes it harder to keep the weight off long term. 

I thought canned food was unhealthy

Although most of food in this weeks meal plan comes from fresh produce and unprocessed foods, there are a few canned products – primarily canned tomatoes.  Even with the occasional canned tomato sauce, the above $5/day meal plan is healthier than what 99% of America eats, even when you include the very wealthy.

What kind of meals do you get for $5/day?

Glad you asked!

pea soup

spicy lentils
oatmeal and protein shake
tuna burgers, carrots, and an apple
nonfat greek yogurt with raisins
spinach scramble and a potato
baked chicken breast and mixed frozen vegetables
budget crockpot chili and an apple


If these meals dont look tasty to you then its time for a reality check – what are your goals and what are your resources? Decide what is most important to you. Is it taste? Is it building muscle? Is it health? Is it cost? Is it food prep time? This $5/day bodybuilding meal plan gives you a way to optimize muscle building and health with a minimum of time but you cant have everything – there is no caviar, Kobe beef, cake, or candy in this meal plan. If you hate vegetables and just want delicious food without having to cook then eat Top Ramen three times a day and a McDonalds dollar meal deal for dinner but be prepared to be a sickly, weak, skinny-fat.