6 things you can do today to improve your physique and health


There is a lot of bad stuff happening in the world right now and a lot of people are watching cable news all day long and stressing themselves out. Rather than looking at the coronavirus lockdowns as the “glass half empty”, realize that you have a golden opportunity of a lifetime here!

This is a 3 part series:

  1. 6 things you can do today to improve your physique and health.
  2. 6 things you can do today to make more money
  3.  6 things you can do today to improve your life


I’ve been around the fitness industry for 20 years as a coach and 35 years as a bodybuilder. When I give people suggestions for how they can increase their strength, muscle mass, and health, the answer almost all the time is that “I would love to do X, but I dont have time”. I’d love to cook nutricious meals, but I dont have time. I’d love to do cardio, but I dont have time. I would love to get 8 hours sleep, but I dont have time. Guess what? You now have time! This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to learn about nutrition and practice batch cooking, to workout as much as you want, and to learn about fitness.

  1. Home Workouts! See my 1000 home workout videos on YouTube – all you need is a pullup bar and a floor to do pushups.
  2. Nutrition! People do not realize how important nutrition is for muscle gain, strength gain, and health. This is a great time to learn to batch cook. Make a free custom coronavirus meal plan tailored to your precise metabolic needs and learn how to cook healthy meals fast! This meal plan uses items that are easy to find even with store shelves empty.
  3. Sleep hygiene! Getting lots of sleep is critical to gaining muscle. Many people get stuck in a vicious cycle of staying up late, waking up exhausted, overdosing on Red Bull all day, then not being able to sleep well because of all the caffeine. Now that you dont need to set an alarm for early to get to the gym or commute to work is the perfect time to get into a natural sleep rhythm without caffeine distortion.
  4. Become more flexible – stretch! Do yoga! There are literally 10 billion kazillion yoga videos on YouTube
  5. Cardio! A lot of bodybuilders say they dont have time for cardio, guess what, you have time for cardio now! Cardio is the #1 most important thing you can do for your health. Jumping rope works fine, doesnt need to be anything fancypants. Running is easy too.
  6. Relaxation techniques. Stress Kilz Gainz! Google relaxation techniques like following your breath.