Scooby is on TRT

Scooby is on TRT

Yes I am on TRT. Before we talk about when I started, we are going to play a little guessing game and you will understand why in less than 60 seconds.  BTW: Please read all about TRT first.

What year did Scooby start TRT?

when did scooby start trt?

Please look at the above image and guess which year I started TRT. Dont read any further until you have your guess when I was started on TRT.

The reason I want you to guess is that many people have the mistaken idea that when your doctor puts you on TRT it’s cheating because you gain all kinds of muscle. It you believe that, then when did I start TRT? When did I gain all kindz of muscle? Let me give you a hint, my peak muscle mass was here in 2001 and I have slowly lost muscle mass ever since then.

Your guess?  What year did I start TRT?

Ok another hint: in 2016 my total testosterone was 119, off the chart on the low end. For reference, the normal range is 250-827 ng/dL.  Not what you expected, is it?  If you look at my “progress” since TRT in 2016, I have stayed the same or slightly decreased in muscle mass.

Scooby is a cheater then?

So yes, my doctor put me on replacement therapy but whats your point? I didn’t gain any muscle, I LOST muscle. So I cheated to lose muscle? Makes sense to me! TRT is not anabolic steroid usage. Testosterone replacement therapy just puts your testosterone back into the normal range so that you can gain muscle like a normal person if you are a newbie or maintain your muscle mass if you have been lifting a long time.  Again, please read all about TRT if you are confused about this.

If you think TRT is cheating, how about thyroid? People with low thyroid gain fat and are lethargic. When they go on thyroid replacement therapy, they lose all kindz of fat and get ripped! Is that cheating? As an aside in 2014 my doctor put me on replacement therapy for my low thyroid.  So I guess I am a double cheater :)

Should I do TRT?

TRT is not like a nose job. It’s not something you decide to do and ask for. If you were to go in and ask to be put on TRT so you can gain muscle, any legitimate doctor would do exactly what they would if you asked for anabolic steroids for bodybuilding – they would lecture you and push you out the door so fast your head would spin.  What you are asking them to do is not only illegal but unethical and they would lose their medical license.

At this point, some of you are going to point out that you know a friend of a friend who went to a “longevity clinic” and got a prescription.  Probably true but these clinics don’t last long before they get shut down and the doctors lose their licenses … if they have current valid licenses at all.  If you check the name of the doctor on the NPPES NPI registry, you will most likely see that the “status” medical license is “suspended” rather than “active”, if it exists at all.

If you are having medical problems, SEE YOUR DOCTOR.  Your doctor is the only one who is qualified to help you decide 1) if you do have hypogonadism and 2) if TRT is appropriate for you and safe for you.  Would you rely on google to tell you if you need quad bypass heart surgery?  Of course not! Do not ask google if you should be on TRT!

TRT for gaining muscle fast

If you want to do TRT because you think it will let you gain muscle fast, this is stupid for 2 simple reasons:

  1. TRT will NOT work.  Since legitimate TRT simply puts your testosterone levels into the normal range so you would have average gains for someone in your situation.  If you have never lifted weights in your life then you can expect to gain 10-15lbs of muscle in your first year if you are strict and dedicated.  If you have been working out a long time, you will be lucky to gain a pound or two a year.  If your are fairly muscular and suffer a rapid T drop, then the best TRT will do is slow your muscle loss. If you want to gain muscle fast, illegal mail order steroids are the solution.
  2. TRT is way more expensive than black market steroids, especially the gels which do the best job of mimicking normal diurnal testosterone levels.  Even with good insurance like mine, even the small TRT doses of testosterone are probably 10x the cost of illegal steroids you could get over the internet that are 10x more potent.  If you just want big muscle and don’t care about the health or legal risks then just use illegal mail order steroids.

Why did you wait so long to tell us?

Several people a day on YouTube ask when I am going to admit to using TRT which is kind of funny because when you do the google search “Is Scooby on TRT?“, this page is the very first search result and its been the first search result for almost a year now.  I have never shared any personal health information before. About the only thing I have said is that I do not do, nor have I ever done steroids (has scooby done steroids).  When people asked about TRT, I simply referred them to this page without further comment because they clearly did not understand what TRT was or what it does.  If anyone asked a question that showed they understood what TRT was, I would have given them a link to this page.   I have been around long enough to know how the internet works so let me go so far as to predict the future.   When reddit, bodybuildingDOTcom, and NattyOrNot finds it, I can tell  you with 100% certainty that the posts will look like this:

I new it! Scoopy is a cheet and a lire.  He got his musels from TRT!

I can’t force people to use the space between their ears.  Despite trying to present this information very clearly and logically, all these people will see is “SCOOBY USES TRT”.  I truly feel sorry for these people who are so undisciplined, lazy, and entitled that they simply cannot grasp the truth which is the reason I am healthier than they are, stronger than they are, and have a better physique than they do is that for every week in the last 35 years I have been doing 6-12 hours of cardio, lifting weights 3-5 hours, sleeping 8 hours a night, and eating clean.

The reason I chose to talk about these personal matters is because there is so much mis-information in the bodybuilding community about what TRT really is and what it does.  I decided this page and its accompanying video (TBD) was worth all the negative publicity that I am certain will be heading my way to help the 1%.  A few people will read this page, then all about trt, and become much better informed about TRT, what it is, and what it does.  TRT has gotten a really bad reputation because of all the misinformation about it.  What makes it 10x worse is when pro athletes who look like the hulk fail their drug tests with testosterone levels that are stratospheric, they use the excuse that they are on “TRT”.  People associate TRT with cheating and fast muscle gain but its not, it just makes you normal.   Many men who are  told by their doctors that they should consider starting TRT say “no way” because of all the misinformation.  It is my hope that I will reach a few of my viewers and if their doctors suggest TRT, they will be open minded and have an informed discussion about the pros and cons.

100% Natty?

What exactly does “100% natty” mean?  One thing that is certain, the people who go around screaming “100% NATTY!!!” aren’t.  On YouTube, Instagram, and men’s physique contests,  “100% natty”  means “sensible cycles”, whatever that means.   What is “natural” is something that powerlifting federations and olympic committees grapple with all the time.  There will never be one, definitive answer so you have to decide for yourself what is “natty”.   Some will say that even having protein powder and creatine makes you lose your “natty card”.  Others will say TRT, thyroid, and/or insulin mean you are not natty.  You have to decide for yourself what your definition of natty is.

One thing is certain, where there is serious money to be made, there will be serious cheaters.  Rather than thinking in terms of natty or not-natty, its probably useful to look at it in another way – was the primary purpose health improvement?  If so, natty.  If not, not-natty.


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