Scoobys YouTube Live Halloween Costume Party

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YouTube Halloween Costume Party

COVID sucks but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.  Please don’t turn Halloween into a superspreader event by doing stupid things like trick or treating or going to parties.  Instead, join me for my live YouTube Halloween Costume Party!  You have plenty of time to come up with your costume and upload your video.   At 5pm pacific (8pm eastern) I will start the below live YouTube broadcast and play your videos!

Please remember the following when you design your costume and upload your video:

  • Its awesome to show off your physique BUT you have to adhere to YouTube non-nudity rules.
  • The video of your costume can just be runway style where you walk up to the camera, do a twirl, and walk away but I would rather that you also tell us about your costume.  Remember that not everyone watching will get the social, pop-culture, or historical references so explaining it will make it a lot more interesting.   It can also be up to a minute long and as creative as you want.
  • Costume categories: funny, hot, scary, creative, and famous fitness personalities. Don’t let these categories limit you though, if you think of a great idea then go for it!
  • Please keep the tone positive.  If your costume is offensive, angry, mean, or hateful I wont be showing it.
  • I will give the best costumes a videocall during the live broadcast!


  1. Film your video
  2. Post your video to Instagram and tag #scoobysworkshop before 4pm pacific (7pm eastern) on Halloween day.
  3. Remember that your account has to be public for me to find your post.
  4. Watch the live broadcast and if I announce you as the best costume, I will video call you on Instagram to appear on the live broadcast!

NOTE:  You will be uploading your video to Instagram.  I will incorporate it into my live YouTube broadcast.

How to watch the live costume party

Go to my YouTube channel and click on the live broadcast near the top of the screen.

Scooby’s Live YouTube Halloween Costume Party!