Optimum bodybuilding nutritional style for maximum muscle growth

Optimum bodybuilding nutritional style for maximum muscle growth

Arnold ate steak.   You have to eat meat to gain muscle, right?   What is the bodybuilding nutritional style for maximum muscle growth?  Lets look at some common beliefs that bodybuilders hold and see what sense we can make of them.  Common beliefs:

  1. Vegetarians are at a huge disadvantage as bodybuilders.
  2. You have to eat meat to build muscle.

So let me ask you this, why do so many bodybuilders use protein powder?  Its more expensive than meat by far but yet experience has shown that it works better for building muscle.  Remember that whey protein powder is simply milk with the carbs and fat removed. Use any of the nutritional websites out there and compare the protein quality of steak to nonfat milk and you will find the milk is superior.  Now check egg whites and compare its quality to that of steak.  Again, you will find the eggs far superior.    Do the same test of protein quality of pork, chicken, and fish against egg whites and nonfat milk and you will find the same result.  In each case the eggs and dairy have higher quality protein than the meat.  See where I am going here?

If you want to maximize  your muscle gain, you should not waste any calories on chicken, beef, pork, or fish and you should get all your protein from dairy and eggs!  The one reason to eat meat is cost.  Sometimes meat is less expensive but it is never superior.

So lets go back to common belief #1 that “Vegetarians are at a huge disadvantage as bodybuilders”.  Not only is this untrue but its as wrong as you can get.  Vegetarians do not eat meat, that is, beef, chicken, pork and fish.  They get their protein from things like egg and dairy … the highest quality protein sources there are.  People have a really hard time grasping this.

Vegetarian nutrition is the best for bodybuilders wanting to gain muscle

Remember, we just went thru this.  Eggs are have higher protein quality than meat.  Dairy has higher protein quality than meat.  Vegetarians eat eggs and dairy instead of low quality meat.  Therefore, vegetarian nutrition is optimal for muscle gain.  If you want to maximize your muscle gain then dont waste your calories on meat.  For egg protein, consider using egg whites in a carton.  For dairy protein, consider using nonfat greek yogurt.  Protein powders are 80%-90% protein by calories and are all highly processed, expensive, and almost always have all kinds of garbage in them.  Nonfat greek yogurt on the other hand is minimally processed, inexpensive, and has 70%-80% of its calories from protein.

Best Vegetarian Meal Plans

Note that vegetarian just means “no meat”.  Eating vegetarian does not guarantee that you will be able to gain muscle.  Chocolate bars are vegetarian but yet if you eat chocolate bars all day long you will not gain any muscle.  Like all nutritional styles, the devil is in the details.  If you want a free bodybuilding meal plan optimized for muscle gain, fat loss, and health customized to your metabolic rate you can make one here in less than 60 seconds:

Free custom vegetarian bodybuilding meal plan optimized for muscle gain.

You can also make an optimal muscle building vegetarian meal plan for an entire week, create a shopping list, and have the groceries sent to your doorstep using AmazonFresh – all in under two minutes. The optimal meal plans at CustomMealPlanner are always free and you can get a 30 day free trial of AmazonFresh.  Its a bodybuilding meal kit delivery service that is free!

Here is the link if you want to check out the vegetarian week meal plan I made for myself before bothering to make your own.

But what about vegan?

I firmly believe that minimizing calories from animals is optimal for health.  This is why I spent so much time making my vegan health nutritional plan and my vegan bodybuilding nutritional plan which allows people to make a custom meal plan in under 30 seconds. Most vegan’s nutrition is very poor when compared to the vegan bodybuilding nutritional plan which is why so many have very unimpressive physiques.   Remember this though, although it might be possible for a natural vegan bodybuilder to approach the muscularity of a natural vegetarian bodybuilder, they will never surpass it despite  Fake Vegan News.  … inb4 vegans start pointing to the same five fake-natty vegans.