Problem During Live Workout

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Arrgh!  The problem during the live broadcast appears to have been all mine. This was NOT a YouTube bug but an OHS (Operator Head Space).  I started streaming properly and I was able to see the video thru YouTube however, it appears that I forgot to click the below button:

YouTube Live Broadcast Problem

The button to “Start Broadcasting” so that YOU people could view it. Arrgh! I wasted the entire hour of your time, I’m really sorry! Live and learn. Worse yet, it wasnt recorded anywhere unless someone captured the stream.

Sorry folks, as I mentioned, this was my first time.  I will get it right next weekend.  I have already re-scheduled the chest workout for the same time next Saturday the 4th of Feb.  I have also scheduled a lats workout for the same time slot on next Sunday the 5th of Feb. Wanted to give you advanced warning so you can plan your workout week accordingly :) I will do a blog posting announcing these workouts early in the week.