How long to get sixpack abs?


When people get into bodybuilding and lifting weights, one of the early goals for guys is sixpack abs. The work hard for months or years building muscle but now they want to cut to get ripped and show off those washboard abs. The question everyone asks is – “How long does it take to get sixpack abs?”. Its a very, very important question because if wait too long to cut, then you have to cut your calories too drastically and this causes loss of muscle mass. The LAST thing a bodybuilder wants to do is lose muscle mass.  The thing is, its very easy to cut without losing muscle, its not magic. All you need is to get enough protein, continue working out, AND insure that you do not have more than a 25% caloric deficit. This is why is is so important to know how long it will take to do your cut – so that you can start soon enough!

How long to get sixpack abs?

I can show you how to answer this question exactly in under 90 seconds with best meal planner in the world, CustomMealPlanner.Com.

  1. [30 seconds] Set up free account.
  2. [30 seconds] Enter your metabolic data.
  3. [30 seconds] Make meal plan in one click.

I strongly suggest that you use no more than a 25% caloric deficit to avoid losing muscle mass.  The meal plan it gives you in step 3 will be optimal to insure no muscle mass is lost but you are free to use your own meal plan.  The date the software gives you for sixpack abs will be valid as long as your meal plan has the same number of calories as the one in step 3.  Here is an example of a meal plan which will be generated, this is my keto meal plan at a 25% caloric deficit.

How to read bodyfat chart

Below is an example of the bodyfat chart you will get with your meal plan.  The blue line represents your bodyfat day by day.  See the note at the bottom of the chart, it is critical that you have set your current bodyfat or all the information in the chart is garbage.  The red horizontal line represents 6% bodyfat where you will get “real sixpack abs”.  Where the blue bodyfat line crosses the red 6% line is the day you will have real sixpack abs.  There is a note at the bottom telling me that I will achieve this in 29 days.  The orange line represents 3% bodyfat, which I refer to as “scary sixpack abs”.  Its scary for a number of reasons.  First, because its unhealthy and potentially dangerous.  Second because many would find the result “gross looking” – veins popping out everywhere like a freeway map.  In this case, if I continued the cut I would have scary sixpack abs in 58 days.


The Truth About Sixpack Abs

People who have never had washboard abs before have a very unrealistic expectation about what these abs will look like. The biggest problem is that they expect that they will have killer abs while standing relaxed. A rude awakening is when people get down to 8% bodyfat and find that they DONT have impressive abs unless they flex them. They think something is wrong, no, thats the way it is! Very, very few people will have sixpack abs without flexing unless they get down to dangerously low bodyfat levels (like 3%) … or they use PEDs. This is the biggest lie of all and all the $97 sixpack ab programs seem to leave out this little asterisk. The only way you will have killer abs parading around at the beach is if you learn to keep them flexed at all times! This is not as hard as it sounds, and in fact, its very good for those with lower back pain issues. Keeping the core tight at all times helps prevent lower back pain and since I have suffered from this for over 40 years, its something that is automatic for me. I NEVER relax my core. One thing you will notice is that in this video I say I am at 9% and I know this very accurately yet I say that I want to be at 6% to get sixpack abs. I kinda have abs in this video but were I to relax my core, I would not.