New Years Weight Loss Resolution That Actually Works

New Years Weight Loss Resolution That Actually Works

This year can be different.  Many of you have tried for years to lose weight and failed but this year I am going to show you how you can stick to your diet and lose, lose, lose!  Not only that, this plan is completely free – there is nothing to buy other than groceries and a few small kitchen items.   There are five reasons you will succeed this time is:

  1. You will never be hungry even though you are at a 20% caloric deficit because of the high volume of food.  In fact, most of you will be complaining that there is too much food!
  2. All the planning is done for you, including the making of shopping lists. One click makes a free meal plan for the week, a second click makes the shopping list, and a third lets you buy most of the stuff from Amazon if you want.
  3. Requires very little kitchen time – typically less than 6 minutes per meal.  Convenient freezable meals you can just grab in the morning on the way to work/school.
  4. Gain muscle at the same time!  Gaining muscle helps you keep the fat off long term. Beacuse the protein content is so high and the caloric deficit optimal
  5. Its cheap!  Whoever says that healthy food for bodybuilders and athletes is expensive is just mis-informed.  With smart shopping and the recipes you are given, your food bill will go down, not up.


Time between Christmas and New Years is critical to your 2018 success

When work or school starts the first week of January, everyone is too busy to start a new nutritional program so they often fail.  Most people have time off the week between Christmas and New Years whether they work or are students.  This time is critical to making sure you can stick to your nutritional plan in 2018.   The goal is that on the first day you go back to work, you have twenty individually sized meals in your freezer, that way, each morning you can just grab a few meals out of the freezer for microwaving at work!  Now it may sound like a huge time commitment to make and freeze 30 meals but its not!  For example, you can make 10 servings of this high protein pea soup in under 60 minutes, including cleanup!

What you need to buy

To make this work you need food storage containers that can be used to freeze the food as well as microwave it.  Nobody has time to wash dishes that do not need to be dirtied so glass block containers are perfect.  Please do not get plastic even if they claim it is microwave safe, I dont believe it.  You can get these glass block style storate containers at Ikea, on Amazon, or even at Walmart.  One thing though, do NOT get an assortment – get at least 10 exactly the same size, preferably at least 20.  The reason is that all the recipies I will give you require that you divide the pots contents into 8, 10, or 12 equal portions – that way, you know the exact amount of calories in each serving.  This is about the right size for a single serving.  Also, get square or rectangular – not circular or any other shape.  I have found that the 28 ounce (800ml) size is the best for single servings, here is an example of the 28oz size at Walmart and here is an example of the 28 ounce size on Amazon and they are under $6 each with free shipping.  Yes, $60-$120 for food storage containers is a lot of money but nowhere near as much as you would spend in a month of unhealthy and fattening restaurant meals.


Making your meal plan and shopping list

Now there are two ways you can make a meal plan perfectly tailored to your metabolic rate:

  1. Hire a nutritionist at the cost of about $1,000.
  2. Use my awesome free meal planner at  The free meal plan it produces are optimal for fat-loss, muscle-gain, and health.

In under 90 seconds you can create a meal plan for the entire week AND make a shopping list!  Of course,  portion sizes perfectly tailored to your metabolic needs so that you will lose fat at the optimal rate.  Here is how to do it:

1) [30 seconds] Set up free account. (no email confirmation required)
2) [30 seconds] Enter your metabolic data. (height, weight, age, etc)
3) Make your week meal plan with a single click!  It will show you what to eat and how much.



our meal plan will be created in about 3 seconds!



4) Click on the link “create shopping list” indicated above to create a shopping list in one click.  You can even buy a lot of the stuff on Amazon if you want.

Start Cooking!

The meal plan will require that you cook three things but you can make big batches that keep for months so its not nearly as bad as it sounds.  The pea and lentil soups you can make in under an hour including clean up, the two-bean chili requires soaking the beans overnight, but other than that, its quick to make.

Here are the three easy to make quick recipies that you need to make:

Two bean chili recipe is here, no video yet.