Live Home Chest Workout Saturday

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Workout with Scooby!

Dumbbell pullovers (up position)Please join me for a live chest workout this Saturday the 4th of February!!!   I learned a lot from last weeks blunders I made and promise that this weekend things will run flawlessly, again sorry for wasting your time last weekend.  Since most people were unable to watch last week, I will be redoing the same chest workout.  The broadcast is 1:00pm Eastern, 10:00am Pacific. To see when it will be live in your city, goto YouTube Live and look in the section that lists live broadcasts in the next 7 days. When you see my event, the proper local start time will be displayed.   The first 5-10 minutes will be warmup, then 40-60minutes of serious lifting!  Get ready for DOMS!!!!

During rest breaks in the workout I will answer as many of your questions as I can from the YouTube comments and my Facebook page.  All the exercises we will be doing are on my chest exercises page, check it out if you want.

This chest workout will be targeted at intermediate and advanced bodybuilders but beginners are also welcome.  All you need for this workout is a used set of dumbbells and your floor – padded carpet is best.

Options for Watching

First a note, if when you are trying to view the video and get an error message, wait a few seconds then refresh your browser.  There are two options for watching this live broadcast, listed in priority order:

  1. Watch from the below embedded video in this page, this is the preferred option as I have total control over this.
  2. Watch on the YouTube Live page, at the start time it will be listed in the “Live Now” section.


The Workout

  • 10 minutes warmup
  • Dumbbell flys, heavy
  • Dumbbell press, heavy
  • Drop 20% in weight, superset of dumbbell flys and dumbbell press
  • Superset of Incline flys and pushups