Huge Teen Bodybuilders

Huge Teen Bodybuilders – Can You Be One?

Here are six huge teen bodybuilders from YouTube. Each of these teens was more muscular at age 19 than I was after 30 years of nonstop weight lifting. Is it possible? Obviously, all six of them did it but are you willing to pay the price? It might be steeper than you think. Never say never but it is very, very unlikely that anyone can build a physique like this by age 19 without pro-hormones or steroids. Every decision has trade-offs and you need to decide what your priorities are because you cant have it all. Which of the following are most important to you?

  • obtaining your full height
  • getting huge as fast as possible
  • your health
  • your future job prospects

IMO, the following physiques are not possible naturally at any age

It took me 20 years of lifting weights 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, and I still don’t have the physique that these guys had at age 19. Could you do it faster than that naturally? Of course! I started lifting in the dark ages before the internet existed so I didn’t have the information available to me that you have available to you. I made every mistake in the book and it really slowed my progress. Lifting naturally, if you have excellent genetics like I do, you might be able to build a physique like mine in 7-12 years if are really, really dedicated. So when is the fastest I could have built my natural physique If I had been able to build a time machine in 1982 to enable me to read my 2012 website?  Well if my puberty was early and I was able to start lifting hardcore at age 15 then by age 27 I could have built my current physique, if I was really, really lucky, then maybe by age 22 at the very earliest. Can  you look like the above bodybuilders without pro-hormones or steroids by age 18?  Very, very unlikely.  How unlikely? 0.0001%,  thats a really small chance so don’t count on it.

Before you decide you want are too impatient to wait 12 years for your dream physique and want to take some shortcuts, lets look at some things you may not have thought of:

  • At age 15, most boys have about 3″ more of height to gain, that is, if they don’t flood their bodies with massive amounts of artificial hormones. The amount of steroids that most boys would have to take to get this massive by age 18 will most certainly interfere with their ability to gain that 3″. Are you willing to live with stunted growth for the rest of your life just because you are impatient to get big and strong? Its your choice.
  • Lets talk legality. Steroids are illegal in every developed country and they certainly are here in USA. So you know lots of people who use steroids who haven’t got arrested? Does that comfort you? It shouldn’t. I know many of you are YOLO, young and carefree but think about this. Do you know what having a conviction on your record does to any chances of future employment? Virtually every employment application, even for minimum wage jobs, will ask if you have ever been arrested. Your chances of getting a good job after getting arrested are virtually zero. How will you support yourself?  You will spend the rest of your life working for less than minimum wage washing dishes.  Again its your choice, just don’t make the mistake of laughing off the legality issue.
  • Many muscular teens make money thru their subscription based websites and by doing web-shows – basically soft porn. Great you say, let people pay to admire my body. Not so fast. How long do you think you will be hot? 3 years, 5 years? What happens when younger, cuter, and bigger guys come along? Your clients dry up and you are left hight and dry. You will find yourself looking for another career. Problem is that the internet remembers everything forever and every webpage and every cam-show that these guys did was recorded for eternity. What chance do you think of every getting a top-paying job with a soft-core porn past? Porn-star isn’t the best thing to have on your resume, and even if you think you can hide it, prospective employers WILL find out. They call references, they google, they do background checks and they WILL uncover your past. Even if they don’t find out, once your career takes off enough to attract attention, you can bet that people jealous of your success will dig up the skeletons in your closet and make sure they get broadcast in company email anonymously.
  • Now lets talk health. Even the websites that advocate steroids don’t recommend them for people who are not thru puberty yet and they recommend “sensible steroid use”, whatever that means, and not steroid abuse. To get as huge as the above guys at that age 99.9999999% of you would require a lot more than “sensible steroid use”. There is a lot of stuff going on in your body during puberty and most people would not want to mess it up. Steroid abuse also can cause serious harm to organs and health problems later on in life. Also quite common with steroid abusers is that their testes shut down requiring expensive medication for the rest of their lives. If getting massive as quickly as possible is more important to you than health, please remember that you are not immortal. Just like Zyzz, you might briefly shine like a supernova before being snuffed out.

Unrealistic Teen Muscle Gain Expectations

Teens have a lot of unrealistic expectations about how fast it is possible to gain muscle, its why so teens are so quick to label themselves as “hardgainers” when they actually have really good genetics.  People like Mark Rippetoe do a horrible community disservice by perpetuating the “31lbs of LBM in 11 weeks” myth.  Then there is the Hollywood stars like Taylor Lautner who “gained 30lbs muscle in 6 months”.  Its all a bunch of hogwash and its cruel to lead teens on to believe that this stuff is possible because its not.   Please, please, please read about bodybuilding expectations or check out my muscle gain calculator.

Lets look at some examples of what would be very, very hard to achieve naturally by age 19, and by natural I mean no pro-hormones nor steroids.  99.9% of people could not achieve these physiques naturally by age 19 but it *might* be possible *if* your puberty is really early and *if* you lift hardcore with flawless nutrition but its still going to take a minimum of 5 years.

These physiques are the upper, upper bounds on what is possible naturally.  You cant build physiques like these naturally – not unless you are a one in a hundred thousand genetic freak, and you are NOT.  I dont care how hard you train, how good your nutrition is, or how much weight you can lift – 99.9% of the population cant build physiques like these naturally by age 19.  If you have average or simply “good” genetics then forget it, you *might* be able to build these physiques but its going to take much, much longer.

Realistic Teen Muscle Gain Expectations

So the above are possible in the teens only by a very, very few people, if any at all.  What is a more reasonable goal for a teen who has good but not great genetics and is willing to workout for 3-4 years with devotion?  I would say somewhere ottermode, ripped, or maybe built.   Here are some examples of what someone with good genetics could do if their puberty was early and they were able to lift hardcore for 3-4 years before age 19:



By age 19, natural bodybuilding is not going to let you look like this:


but what is reasonable with hard work would be this:

19-Year-old-All-natural-bodybuilderNatural Teen Bodybuilder Posing Ripped Shredded