Killer 30 Minute Gym Push Workout

Killer 40 Minute Gym Push Workout

Do three sets of each of the following four supersets for a total of 36 sets … without rest!

Superset 1:

  • one armed incline press
  • incline triceps press
  • one legged dumbbell press for shoulders

Single-Arm-Incline-Press triceps-press Single-Leg-Dumbbell-Press

Superset 2: 

  • shoulder press machine
  • floor dumbbell flys
  • dumbbell triceps kickbacks

Shoulder-Press-Machine Floor-Dumbbell-Fly Triceps-Kickback

Superset 3:

  • flat dumbbell press
  • skullcrushers
  • dumbbell front raise, side raise combo for shoulders

Flat-Dumbbell-Press skullcrushers Front-Raise-Side-Raise-Combo

Superset 4:

  • high cable flys
  • rope pushdown for triceps
  • golfing swing with low cable

High-cable-Flys triceps-rope-down Cable-Golf-Swings


How to customize your workout!

  1. What muscles? First decide what muscles you want to work.  If you are doing a 5 day split, it might just be one bodypart like arms.  If you are doing a 3 day split like legs/push/pull then it might be two or three bodyparts like chest, shoulders and triceps if its a push workout.  If you are doing a whole body workout then you have, well, the whole body!
  2. What exercises? After you have decided what muscles are being worked we need to come up with four supersets of three to four exercises each.  Start by writing down a bunch of exercises you might want to do for each muscle and make sure to include exercises that use both popular equipment as well as exercises you can do with dumbbells and barbells.  Write down a lot more than you think you need, we will group them in the next step
  3. Group the exercises into groups of 3 or 4.  Use your above list and take at least one exercise for each bodypart.  Only one of the exercises can use a popular piece of equipment, the others have to be either free weights you can do right there or nearby pieces of equipment that are rarely used.  Lets take some examples.  If you are doing a full body workout then you might choose squats (power rack is popular), seated dumbbell press, pullups and bench press for your first superset.  If you are doing a push workout of a 3 day split you need to work shoulders, chest, and triceps so you might choose bench press (popular equipment), seated shoulder dumbbell press, and skullcrushers for your superset and do them all right there on the bench press bench.  If you are doing a five day split you need to be more creative.  Lets say you are doing just arms, you might choose barbell curls, skullcrushers, and reverse curls for forearms as your superset.  You could do all these arm exercises on the same flat bench.

If you workout in a gym, most likely its busy. You cant monopolize four prime pieces of equipment in a busy gym or you will piss everyone off. What you do is choose one prime piece of equipment and center all your exercises around it.

One of the reasons this workout is time efficient is that there is no rest, none, you can rest when you die. The other reason that this workout is so time efficient is that I do a lot of compound or dual purpose exercises, like the pullups with the abs combo.  When you are choosing exercises, try to choose compound exercises or assymetric exercises rather than simple isolation exercises where possible.  In the last 3 months, I have done videos on a number of very cool asymmetric exercises that work core and balance at the same time you are targeting the given muscle.  I use a few of these in the above workout.   For example,  the one armed incline press.