Scooby’s Last Video, Dec 31, 2019

Scooby1961 will be uploading two videos a week until his last YouTube video on Dec 31, 2019. Here is what happening to his fitness and bodybuilding content and why.

It’s time for me to retire again. I started this fitness website in about 2004 and have been doing 1-2 videos each week since then and now have nearly a thousand videos my Scooby1961 YouTube channel. I have had a great time and helped a lot of people but its now time to move on. My last video will be uploaded on December 31, 2019 and until then I will be doing 1-2 videos a week. I am closely looking at my long list of video ideas and choosing the most important ones to make sure I cover them. My formula lately in case you have not seen the pattern is that Mondays are a fitness related video like “Bodybuilding on $5/day budget” and Tuesdays are more in the “life coaching” type videos like last weeks on “Enjoy the little things“.

New YouTube Adventure Travel Channel!

As you may have guessed from all my fitness-travel videos that I have uploaded over the last 15 years, adventure travel is another passion of mine.  Although I will no longer be doing new fitness videos, I will be doing adventure travel videos when I travel.  It will not be one video a week like I did for fitness but just when I am traveling so that I have time to work on my airplane. 

Why are you stopping  YouTube fitness videos?

Some of you already know this but flying and airplanes is my other passion. I was flying remote control gliders in the 1970’s and have been a licensed pilot since age 17 (1979). Three years before I started doing fitness videos (2001) I started building my own airplane (Dotty). Well, after 18 years of building, Dotty is nearly ready to fly. This next chapter of my life is going to find Captain Scooby in the left seat of Dotty most of the time as I fly around the USA (and Canada) to see our amazing country and to visit my good friends at sweat4health. [@skyarrow, start mowing a runway for me!]. Doing a video every week and keeping up on comments simply requires too much time.  This is why comments will be turned off and I will only be uploading adventure travel videos when I travel.

How can I ask Scooby questions?

 Unfortunately, I am retired now and do not have time to answer comments on YouTube so they will be turned off.  If you need a question answered, I suggest the following:

  1. I have spent 20 years and have over a million words of advice on my website  If you want to know my advice fast and free then google “Scooby + YourSearchTerms” and it will tell you my advice on the subject!!!
  2. If you cannot find an answer to your question for free by googling, then try your local public library.  Books are free to check out and the information there might be a bit out of date BUT it has the huge advantage of being real information and not some slick sales pitch disguised as “science”.   Be very wary of getting your information from the internet for this reason, and if you do, make sure to understand the qualifications and motivations of those giving you advice. 
  3. There are a lot of great fitness YouTubers now who do videos nearly every day, ask them!
  4. If you can’t find your answer any of those ways and are desperate for an answer then you can join sweat4health ($39/mo) and ask me there.  

Thanks to all my subscribers and fans!!!!

I would love to start by thanking all my loyal subscribers who I think of as my own children. My husband and I decided early on that we did not want a family of my own so when I do videos, I do it for my adopted children – you! I have always tried to give my subscribers the advice that I would give to my own children if I had them – not only in fitness and health but in life survival skills as well.

In many ways, I think I have learned more from my fans that they have learned from me. I never pretended to be an expert, just someone who had made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. Sometimes this learning has been simply by a YouTube user posting a link to research and other times by asking an interesting question. Often the learning has been by confrontation/discussion. The best learning though comes from teaching. In my opinion, a good teacher can explain something simply which requires a total mastery of the subject. I thought I understood nutrition well but it was not until I started designing that I truly understood the tough nutritional balancing act a bodybuilder has to walk in order to maximize muscle growth while cutting.

I heard Scooby stopped making videos long ago!

This is a perfect example of why I am constantly telling people this:

Believe nothing you hear, 10% of what you read and only 50% of what you see with your own eyes

Scooby Werkstatt

People say all kinds of stuff – listen to nothing you hear at the gym. If you hear something, your first reaction should be to run to google and see if there is anything credible backing it up. In this case, if you heard that I stopped making videos it literally would have taken less than 10 seconds to go to my channel and see that I had been publishing 1-2 videos every single week since 2006 and have nearly 1000 videos. Go in any gym and listen to the gym floor conversations and you will “learn” all kinds of things of which only about 1% has any truth to it at all. For example, “16 reps for toning and 8 reps for muscle building”.

What will happen when I retire on Jan 1, 2020

  • You can still see what I am up to on my instagram account (scoobysworkshop) or better yet, read the latest posts on my blog.
  • My website and all its fitness tools like my calorie calculator, and CustomMealPlanner.Com will remain.
  • My fitness forum Sweat4health will remain where you can contact me and ask me questions.
  • My YouTube videos will remain but comments will be turned off. I will continue to upload adventure travel videos when I travel, but not every week.
  • My Facebook account and page will be deleted.
  • I plan on selling my websites and all my fitness tools but only if I can find an organization that is in line with my belief system with sufficient IT resources to maintain/improve my tools as well as the resources to promote them. In other words, somebody like Athlene-X or a clean supplement company like “NOW Sports” but not snake oil salesmen like kinobody or sixpackshortcuts. CustomMealPlanner.Com is my baby and I truly believe that it could help literally millions of people achieve their fitness goals, it just needs a promoter with a wider audience than I have. If you are interested, I can be contacted at sweat4health – join now and make a post to the “off topic” board.

I started my YouTube channel after my first retirement because I was so excited about what fitness had done to improve my life that I wanted to help other people find the joy as well … without buying anything. Since I started my fitness website scoobysworkshop in about 2004 I have been doing 1-2 videos each week and now have nearly a thousand videos on YouTube.

Fitness tools

I also have some ideas for really cool fitness tools. When I get bored of boring holes in the sky, I will probably get started on them. One thing I have learned over my last 15 years at YouTube is that most people do not value workout plans or nutritional plans they get for free. Although I don’t need the money, I am leaning toward selling these cool nutritional tools thru eBook channels just so people will get excited about them and use them.

Fit over 50 book

Another thing I am really interested in doing is in writing a book for those over 50 interested in getting fit. I was going to do a series of videos on this but a book is a much better format. Not only is the target demographic much more interested in reading than watching videos but as I mention above, most people do not value things they get for free. Most of the current content for people over 40 is rubbish. It’s either written by naive men in their 20s, people who think that one year of lifting makes them an expert, or doctors so conservative they want you to carry an portable EKG with you when you walk to the kitchen.

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retirement in the wild blue yonder
Retirement in the wild blue yonder