Quarter Million YouTube Subscribers for Scooby

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Quarter Million Subscribers for Scooby

A heartfelt thanks to all my subscribers for trusting me! Don’t worry this post isn’t a self-congratulatory back patting.

Someone on facebook today congratulated me on reaching a quarter of a million YouTube subscribers, I was taken by surprise. For an instant I was excited, then I was terrified. What if I fail to hold up to their expectations? What if they are disappointed? Then I took a deep breath and realized that nothing has changed.

When I started I had zero viewers and I didn’t care, I have never been in fitness for the numbers. Fitness is my passion, I try to promote home workouts because I know that it can change the lives of millions of people just the way it transformed my life. Not only that, I have FUN making videos! I’m an engineer and make a comfortable living, fitness is my passion and my only goal is to make free, non-biased fitness advice available to all.

Long ago I realized I really had something with scoobysworkshop. Because I tell people never to buy anything, people trust me – thats difficult to come by these days. I could have sold out and followed the path of P90X, crossfit, and sixpackshortcuts and merchandized the heck out of scoobysworkshop. I could have turned it into a money machine with eBooks, DVDs, equipment, and a line of lucrative supplements. Why don’t I? How much money is enough? I live in a very modest but nice house and have a reliable Toyota. I don’t have expensive tastes, I’m not sure what I’d do with more money if I had it – I know that sounds weird. I love my engineering work and my passion is fitness. If I won the lottery my days wouldn’t change at all.

If I were to turn scoobysworkshop into a money machine like P90X, it would literally take all the fun out of it because it would be work – that changes everything. I’m a bad liar. I can just see myself holding up a bottle of “Scooby’s Mass Gainer 5000” at the end of a video and attempting to get people to buy the junk – I’d rather stick needles in my eyes thank you. When you make your living at fitness you have to tell people what they want to hear. What do they want to hear?

  • How to lose weight fast
  • Shortcuts to washboard abs
  • How to get big arms fast
  • How to get a big chest fast

Often the truth is not exciting or sexy. You don’t get rich quick by saying that most people can only expect add 10lbs of muscle a year as I have said. Because fitness is my passion and not my job, I’m free to tell people what they NEED to know, whats important for them to know, and not what they WANT to hear. I am free to say what I believe to be important even if its unpopular.

Anyway, again a heartfelt thanks to my loyal subscribers. I will try my best to keep you coming back week after week.