Cut NOW for max muscle gain in 2020!

If you want to maximize your muscle gains in 2020, you need to cut down to 6% bodyfat right now, here is why.

Gyms are closed and many people are just doing maintenance workouts rather than serious hypertrophy or strength gain workouts. When gyms open again, everyone will have well resisted joints and high motivation to lift hard and make serious gains.

Here is how cutting now will increase your gains in 2020. Because advanced lifters gain muscle and strength faster when they are on a slow bulk (about TDEE+5%) . The leaner you are when you start the bulk, the longer you can maintain the bulk. The longer you can do the bulk, the more the LBM you gain. Therefore, the leaner you are when you start hardcore lifting again, the more LBM you will gain in 2020!

Cut right or lose muscle!

You gotta be careful how you cut though. The reason that so many people thing cutting burns off muscle is because their nutrition is krap. Cutting does not burn muscle, bad nutrition burns muscle.  Either they cut their calories too drastically, they dont get enough protein,  or the meal plans suck. In my 35 years of bodybuilding experience, I have found that for most people, a 25% caloric deficit is about the fastest you can cut without risking muscle loss. The free meal plans at custommealplanner will help you hit the optimal cutting calories while making sure you get sufficient protein and micros to avoid muscle loss. Because chicken and eggs are in short supply during coronavirus, I have made a free home quarantine meal planner for people to use that uses other protein sources. This meal planner is totally free and you don’t even need to set up an account. Simply enter your height, weight, age, cardio, number of meals, and caloric goal and click the button and you get a free meal plan. If you want a complete weeks worth of meal plans with a new menu every day then sign up for a free account and use the “create week mealplan” button.

If you want to maximize your LBM gains in 2020, cut to 6% now so that you can start a long, slow bulk once gyms open again! Please use my free meal planner to make sure you dont make cutting mistakes and lose LBM. Thats it for today, thanks for watching

Who should Bulk and Cut?

Natural beginners and intermediates have their newbie gains to cash in and do not need bulking.  The marginal benefit they get from bulking  is lost when they have to cut and lose all the fat they added.  Please read about bulking and cutting.  Advanced natural athletes within about 25% of their genetic max can benefit from bulking and cutting.  The other category of athletes who absolutely get incredible gains from bulking/cutting are “enhanced” athletes.  There is a reason that IFBB pros in the off season look like the Goodyear Blimp – its how they gain their mass, but remember, this does NOT work if you are natural!

Cut NOW for max muscle gain in 2020!