How To Shop!

shopping for bodybuilders

Its Saturday morning.  You are driving by the grocery store and you get a pang of guilt.  You really should buy groceries for the next week so you don’t need to eat out but you do not have a shopping list and have not made a meal plan.  Either one of three bad things happen:

  1. You drive by the store and end up eating convenience food all week which is unhealthy and expensive.
  2. You wander the store wasting incredible amounts of time because you are not really sure what to get and end up buying too much, forgetting things, and end up wasting a lot of food because you didnt have the recipes with you.
  3. Because you don’t have a list you end up making impulse buys and end up with a cart of TV dinners and junk food.

Shopping for fitness and bodybuilding

What if I were to tell you that I can give you a way to walk into a store totally unprepared and in 15 minutes have purchased everything you need for the week?  Not only that, but to purchase the foods that will optimize your ability to achieve your muscle gain goals, optimize your fat-loss goals, and optimize your health!  Sound too be good to be true?  Oh, and did I mention its totally free?  

The revolutionary method of meal planning and shopping

The first generation meal planning software like is available at MyFitnessPal is just a macro counter that let you make all the nutritional mistakes in the athletes handbook.  This revolutionary new free meal planner at CustomMealPlanner takes a top-down approach.  Given your fitness goals and nutritional preferences, it designs you the perfect meals to help you achieve your goals then generates a shopping list for you!  On your cellphone you can set up an account, plan your meals, and make a shopping list in the two minutes it takes you to walk from your car into the grocery store!!!!

Making a shopping list in 2 minutes

  1. [30 seconds] Set up free account.
  2. [30 seconds] Enter your metabolic data.
  3. [30 seconds] Plan your meals.
  4. [30 seconds] Make your shopping list.

Here is my shopping list:


Now its easy!  Just run thru the aisles and pic up the designated items!!!

To make things even easier, if you are an AmazonPrime member, you can have all the dry goods sent to you in a day or two with no delivery charge by simply clicking on the “Add to Amazon Shopping Cart” button at the bottom of your shopping list!

Making Meals

You now have all the food you need, simply click on your meal plan to see all your meals for the day.  To find out how to make any meal, simply click on it.


After clicking on the “Chicken and cheesy spinach” link, here is the recipe you see:


The important thing to note is that this is NOT a generic recipe.  This is YOUR recipe to meet YOUR nutritional needs!