Took a 45lb plate to the foot

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Took a 45lb plate to the foot

“Took a 45lb plate to the foot” is a much more useful phrase than “Took an arrow to the knee” because its a valid excuse to get out of something you don’t want to do. The beauty of taking a 45lb plate to the foot excuse is that its a commonly occurring gym accident so its a very realistic excuse – far more realistic than “took an arrow to the knee”. Really, unless you work at an archery camp, using the excuse “took an arrow to the knee” isn’t going to get you out of any work. Not only that, a crushed foot can take MONTHS to heal so you can use this excuse for a long, long time. Better yet, after a few weeks its nearly impossible to tell you are faking it just by looking at the foot.

Here are some awesome practical uses of this versatile phrase:

  1. At home.  You are tired of taking the trash out every night so you tell your mom: “Mom, I took a 45lb plate to the foot last week and weight-bearing activities really hurt, I’d love to take the garbage out this month but I’m afraid my sister is going to have to do it.”
  2. At the gym. You are an upper-body kind of workout guy and hate doing legs with a passion. When its leg day, show up limping to the gym and declare to your workout buddies: “*$%&#! Took a 45 pound plate to the foot yesterday, I’m going to have to pass on leg workouts this week. Its ok, on days when you guys do legs I will just do another chest workout”
  3. At work. So many ways to use this phrase at work!!  For example: “Sorry boss, I will get a note from the doctor when I have my appointment in two weeks but I took a 45lb plate to the foot at the gym and walking is very painful. I’m really very sorry but it looks like you will have to get your own coffee and newspaper every morning for the next few months.”

See how much more versatile this phrase is?? “took an arrow to the knee” just isn’t realistic enough of an injury to successfully get you out of work where as everybody has access to a gym where those slippery 45 pound plates are always being dropped. Whoopsy-daisy!

Thanks to Raymond de Asis from facebook for this great idea!