Hotel Room Travel Workout

Hotel Room Travel Workout

If you are on the road for business or vacation there is no need to skip workouts. Killer workout you can do with a simple resistance band and bodyweight.    This workout just uses bodyweight exercises and a simple resistance band which can pack easily into carry-on luggage.

This is an actual workout I did a few days ago during my bike trek across Burma.  Because of my 12 hour biking days, this workout is upper body only, no legs.  This is a very time efficient upper body workout to hit chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, lats and abs.  This workout is time efficient because there is NO rest and NO time fussing around taking weights on and off.

Full Body Hotel Room Workout

If you are on a business trip, chances are you don’t have a lot of time for working out.  If you are on vacation, chances are that you don’t want to spend a lot of time working out.  In either case, this is the best workout which is why its listed first.  Do this workout any day you have enough time but never on two consecutive days.

Do the below 8 exercises without any rest between them, then repeat them until you have worked out for an hour:

Hotel-Room-Travel-Workout-Wide-Pushup Ultra wide pushups
Hotel-Room-Travel-Workout-Shoulder-Front-RaiseHotel-Room-Travel-Workout-Shoulder-Side-Raise Shoulder front raise, side raise with resistance band, left arm then right
Hotel-Room-Travel-Workout-Hip-Pushup Hip pushups
Hotel-Room-Travel-Workout-Mil-Press Military press with resistance band, left arm then right
Hotel-Room-Travel-Workout-Biceps-Curls resistance band biceps curls, left arm then right
Hotel-Room-Travel-Workout-Crunch crunches
Hotel-Room-Travel-Workout-Triceps-Extensions resistance band triceps extensions, left arm then right
[image] bodyweight squats or pistol squats

What I strongly suggest is the following weekly workout schedule: ABABABx where the A workout and the B workout are as follows:

  • “A” workout: the above hour long 7 exercise workout
  • “B” workout: either 30 minute jog or intervals- 1min sprint, 1min walk for 20 minutes

Note that in the video I skipped exercise 8 which is the leg exercise because I was biking 12 hrs that day.

Hotel Room 3 Day Split Workout

If you are a hardcore lifter and want to continue to make gains even though you are traveling, a three day split is better.  This workout is ABCABCx as follows:

“A” Workout

  • Ultra wide pushups
  • Hip pushups
  • Military press with resistance band, left arm then right
  • resistance band triceps extensions, left arm then right
  • Mil press pushups – feet on desk, hips bent with butt pointed skyward

“B” Workout

  • Shoulder front raise, side raise with resistance band, left arm then right
  • Resistance band biceps curls, left arm then right
  • Bodyweight squats or pistol squats
  • Rotisserie core workout
  • Burpees with full jump

“C” Workout: HIIT sprinting intervals- 1min sprint, 1min walk for 30 minutes



Resistance Bands

I have a full set of resistance bands but the one I take for travel is actually one of the smaller ones.  The reason is that while traveling, I can hit the big upper body muscles like pecs and lats with bodyweight exercises, all I need the resistance bands for is the smaller muscles like biceps, triceps, and shoulders.  I have have the WODfitter resistance bands and am very happy with their quality, here they are with weakest ones first:

If you are really strong, take the black one for this workout, otherwise, the red one is probably a better choice.  The price ranges from $15 to $40 depending on the size.  Yes, they are expensive for “just some bands” but the big ones have a LOT of rubber in them and its worth it for quality because the last thing you want is 5 pounds of rubber breaking and becoming a window-breaking projectile.

Suspension Trainers

A suspension trainer like TRX or my DIY $5 SRX system is great but it can be hard to use them in hotel rooms.  Theoretically you can use the door mount strap but in my experience, many hotel doors are poorly constructed and are not sturdy enough for this purpose.  Using a suspension trainer in a hotel room is to risk injury and heavy damage fees when the door rips off its hinges and comes crashing down on you.