Making A Legit Fitness Income On YouTube

Making A Legit Fitness Income On YouTube

With de-monetization of YouTube, its become a lot harder for people to make a living on YouTube.  I am going to show you how you can make legitimate fitness money on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook regardless of how many followers you have.

When I started on YouTube there was no money in it so there were just two of us doing fitness videos. Then ad revenue sharing started and it was a literal goldrush as YouTube wooed video producers to amass content. Even though I was retired and not even trying, I was making $15,000/month for doing 12 minutes “work” a month – thats $60,000 per hour! Then thousands of fitness trainers flooded into YouTube for easy money, and for awhile it was … until YouTube became saturated with fitness personalities and no longer needed to pay artificially high amounts to get content. Really, do we need the thousandth video on how to do bicep curls? No.  You can call it the de-monitization of YouTube if you want but its simple supply and demand.  The demand is the same but now there are thousands of fitness trainers fighting for the same little piece of the pie.

All who thought that being a fitness celebrity on YouTube was easy money are now leaving – frankly, good riddance! You CAN make money on YouTube BUT you have to EARN it now by WORKING and running a real business.

Making Fitness A Career

If you look how the top YouTube fitness people earn money now, its by pushing un-needed, un-tested, and unproven supplements and selling overpriced eBooks – I am going to show you a better way. People who are successful in business realize that making money is not about scamming people, its about helping them solve their problems. Give people a real value and they are a lifelong customer. If you cannot improve peoples health, fitness, and physique for less money than they are paying now then LEAVE YOUTUBE NOW – dont waste your time and their money.

There are a lot of ways you can improve your fans lives and save them money.. What you need to ask yourself is, what can YOU offer your fans that the other 10,000 personal trainers on YouTube can’t? What are your special skills or other areas of expertise you can combine with fitness to solve their problems better? The rest of this talk, I am going to focus how I did this … and also how you can piggyback off what I have done to not only help thousands of people but make legit fitness money too.

I am an engineer and I love building things – thats my talent. Very early on, I saw there was a complete lack of fitness tools on the internet. One of the biggest obstacles to peoples fitness goals is their nutrition. Most fitness enthusiasts dont know what or how much to eat which is why stupid fad diets like the grapefruit diet and crazy bulking diets like GOMAD are so popular. I started making tools that told people how much to eat and what to eat, and they were the most popular pages on my website so I knew I was onto something.

CustomMealPlanner is my third generation meal planning tool that allows TRUE personalization of peoples meal plans to fit THEIR metabolic rate, THEIR goals (bulking or cutting), THEIR nutritional style (keto, low carb), and THEIR taste preferences. Its also completely free. OK, wait … I promised something that can help you make legitimate fitness money on YouTube and now I am talking about a free software tool -WTF!

How To Make Legit Money On YouTube Post De-monitization

OK, now lets finally talk about the TWO ways YOU can make money and it depends on how large your following is which is best. You can make money by selling meal plans or you can make even MORE money by giving them away. Lets start with how new personal trainers and people with small YouTube channels can make money by selling meal plans, in a minute I will tell you how people with big channels can make even more money with less work.

How to make money with a small social media following

You can make money by selling meal plans from CustomMealPlanner. Here is how it works.  After you upgraded to a branded account with the desired number of clients, you customize your website look and feel.  You can charge whatever you want for your meal plans and collect money any way you want.  The hardest part is making your banner image, the rest can be done in 2 minutes, then you are ready to sell meal plans.  After a client pays you, you add them, enter their height,weight,etc and create their meal plan in a single click.  You then send them the link via text message or email, its that simple.  If you want to increase the value to your customers by adding your own nutritional expertise and meal plans, you can add those as well instead of using the stock ones provided by the system.

So why would someone pay you when they could make a free meal plan online at CMP, simple. Its a proven fact that people value things more when they pay for them. When they pay for something, they are much more vested in making it successful so they TRY harder, and MAKE it successful.. Even if you just sell them the same meal plans they could get for free they will STILL love you because:

1) They will get the results they want because they will STICK to the meal plan that they PAID for
2) They are confused and will be freed from the stress of having to wonder what to eat
3) They feel better knowing that they will have you to guide them

If they wanted a free meal plan, they would have googled for one.  Note that the links you send to your paying clients will be from a generic meal planning website and not CustomMealPlanner so they will not realize they could have gotten it for free.  Here is an example of a URL you would give a client:

One important note is that every meal plan has this disclaimer at the bottom, you need to make it clear to your clients that you are not qualified to give medical advice.

“This meal plan was not prepared by a medical professional nor a nutritionist – discuss it with your physician before using it.”

When you set up an account to sell meal plans, its a business decision.  To help you get started there are no up front fees, just a monthly fee.  Not only that, to help you sleep well at night there is a 100% money back guarantee if you have any problems!  Until June 1, 2018 there is a 35% discount for the 15, 25, and 50 client packages.  To lock in that discount, use discount code “SUMMERCUT” before June 1.

How to make more money with less work.

OK, now lets talk about how people with big followings (over 100,000 followers) on Instagram or YouTube can make even MORE money by GIVING meal plans away. This is a true win-win situation. You can give the best meal plans away for free and if they upgrade to a paid account, you get $5 for each upgrade. In my experience 1/100 people will upgrade so if you have a large channel, those $5 upgrades add up quickly. This program is called the affiliate program and its really easy to set up your customized website, here is how to set up your affiliate account, again, the hardest part is making your banner.  In less than 10 minutes you can make your own meal planning website to help your fans get top quality meal plans for free as well as make $5 every time someone upgrades to a paid account.

After setting up your affiliate account, its easy to help your fans make meal plans.  Simply use your affiliate URL in your social media post.  When a fan clicks on it, they will be routed to your meal planning website, and if they upgrade their account, you get paid.  Not only that, if your fans post links to their meal plans and their friends sign up, they become yours too!

The Gold Rush On YouTube Is Over

The gold rush is over on YouTube but you can still make legit fitness money but you have to treat it as a business and give your customers a great value. Scamming fans by selling expensive eBooks or overpriced and un-needed supplements is a short term strategy. If you want a growing long term business, your customers have to love you. I have talked a lot about how you can leverage what I have done with CustomMealPlanner to help give your fans a great value but better yet, think about what unique talents YOU can combine with fitness to give your fans something that is not available anywhere else. Remember this is about helping your fans improve their lives AND save money, if you cant do that then you dont have a business.

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