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Support Scooby’s Workshop

Hi! As you know, I’m Scooby Werkstatt and I am working hard to give back to bodybuilding, the sport which has given me so much! I’ve been working nearly a decade on my fitness outreach to show people that they can build amazing physiques without buying anything other than a cheap, used set of dumbbells! With my free youtube workout videos and this free fitness website, its within everyones reach, regardless of economic ability to build an amazing and healthy physique. I’ve helped thousands of people get in shape that they never dreamed was possible, all for free – check out the weight loss success stories and muscle gain success stories!

I AM scoobysworkshop, there are no employees, and no corporate sponsors – I do everything myself.  Over the last 8 years I have put over 4,000 hours into making this free website and fitness videos. Its not just my time that I have donated to promote back-to-basics fitness here, its lots of money I have put into this as well. My fitness outreach is a lot more expensive than you might imagine, although the web hosting costs me several thousand a year, that is dirt-cheap compared to the cost of liability insurance, award t-shirts, and video production costs. I have two real jobs to pay my bills but I cant afford to run scoobysworkshop without help of generous donors like you. If you can, please consider helping support scoobysworkshop so I can continue to help others!

Two ways to support scoobysworkshop
one time donation monthly subscription

Support Scoobysworkshop Monthly

If you want to help support scoobysworkshop and get all your fitness, health, and bodybuilding questions answered by me then please consider joining my sweat4health website. Its only $4.99 per month and you not do you help me run this website but you become part of an amazingly supportive fitness community.

If you cant afford to donate, there are still two ways you can help me out:

  1. Click on the Google “+1” button on the pages here you find especially helpful.  If you have a blog, please link to them.
  2. I release videos about once a week, if you like the new video then you can help make it successful by favoriting it, “Like”ing it, or blogging about it.

How does Scoobysworkshop cover its costs?

Reader donations help a lot to cover the costs of scoobysworkshop, in addition, the following help as well:

  • Ads on this website. I have no affiliation with any of the advertisers, nor do I know who they are but I receive a small amount of income from them.
  • I get some income from the Youtube partner program.
  • For the few products I link to thru amazon, I get a small referral fee.
  • Referrals from the books from the books I recommend. I don’t want you buying any books because virtually everything you need is available for free on this website but if you do decide to buy, make sure its a good book and one that has a 100% money back guarantee.