Scooby fatter than ever!


Yep, I am at my highest weight and bodyfat I have been since I started making fitness videos back in 2004, 16 years ago, back when I was 43 years old. I am now 60 years old at 235lbs and 12% bodyfat, not pretty. Compare that to back in 2015 when I did my contest and was 213lbs @ 7% bodyfat – thats 24lbs heavier, 10kg. If you disagree with my statement that my current bodyfat is 12%, please read about why bodyfat is just an arbitrary number and how you should properly use it.

How did this happen? Well, life has a way of throwing curve balls at you and I ended up being a 24hr caregiver for three weeks, something I never thought myself capable of. Because of covid-19 concerns, the first two weeks I was not allowed to leave the room so cardio was impossible. I also was not allowed to bring any outside food in nor have doordash delivered, again because of covid-19 concerns so I had zero control over my nutrition. That three weeks caused me to pack on fat at a rate that even I found alarming so here I am at 235.

In the following video you will see me working out at 235lbs and many of you will say I dont look that bad. Its not about how I look, its about how I FEEL and about HEALTH. When I went for a bike ride I felt something awful that I have not felt in decades – jiggle. When I would go over bumps, I could feel my belly jiggle. More than having the unpleasant sensation of jiggling, that extra 24lbs is NOT healthy. I am 60 and have chronic lower back pain and my knees are always on the edge. Adding un-necessary weight is the worst think you can do for your knees and lower back!

Before I show you my fat jiggling workout, its important to point out that the weights I mentioned are not really a fair comparison. The 235lbs is my carb water bloated afternoon weight whereas the 213lb competition weight is a my dry morning weight.  228 lbs is my morning weight corresponding to the 235lb afternoon weight.  Its VERY important when you weigh that you weigh yourself accurately! Still, I have not seen 235 on the scale for decades.

My goal for next 8 weeks, drop to 8%

Now that I have control of my nutrition and my workouts, my goal for the next 8 weeks is going to be to drop from 12% to 8%.   As much as I would love to lose this jiggly fat sooner, you will note that my meal plan only has a 25% caloric deficit which means it will take me 8 full weeks to get down to 8%.  Why not use a 30% or 40% caloric deficit to do it faster?  Because I am not interested in burning off muscle which extreme caloric deficits like that do.

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Here is my fat loss schedule with a 25% caloric deficit (from my meal plan):




Scooby at 235lbs and 12%

Scooby at 213 and 7% bodyfat