Sleep your fat away!

Sleep, Fat, Muscle, and Bodybuilding Most people realize sleep is important but few realize how incredibly important it is for bodybuilders, athletes and people wanting to lose a few pounds. If you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or maximize your athletic performance you cannot… Read More »Sleep your fat away!

Last Borneo Sunset

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Borneo gave me a great going away present, the most spectacular sunset I have ever seen. You will of course see this sunset as green screen background on an upcoming video, it was truly breathtaking. Im on a 10 hr layover in South Korea now… Read More »Last Borneo Sunset

Cameras do not float

So I have been filming lots of scenery here in Borneo, over 6hrs worth for this winters green screen backgrounds. Anyway, one day I was filming with both camcorders, my good one was on my tripod and the waterproof camera was sitting on the railing… Read More »Cameras do not float

Sandakan Death March

I had some dangerously incorrect and romantic notions of what a tropical rainforest was. My notions were based upon Hollywood, the Tarzan books I read as a child, and my personal experience doing the Milford Track thru New Zealand temperate rain forest. The temperate rainforest… Read More »Sandakan Death March

Borneo total lunar eclipse

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Great day of riding here in Borneo. Five creek/river crossings, lucky no rain today. Todays ride would have been very difficult had it rained as it was clay with lots of steep hills that would have turned into an unpassible slippry slide if it rained… Read More »Borneo total lunar eclipse

When you cant workout

I probably wont be able to lift weights for the next two weeks because tomorrow morning I put on my backpack and start biking across Borneo. Its unlikely I will see a gym, at most I might be able to sneak in a quick pushup… Read More »When you cant workout