2013 Success Stories Winners

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I would like to thank everyone who submitted entries to my success stories contest, you are all winners in my book. It was extraordinarily difficult and excruciatingly painful to prune the list down to 50 because there were so many awesome successes. If you are not included here, its not that your progress was not spectacular – it usually was. Often it was just a blurry photograph, a date/weight that didnt seem to match the photo, or some other administrative problem.

If your story is featured here, please email me your t-shirt size and full mailing address including your last name and country with the subject line “Success Story Winner” and I will send you a signed scoobysworkshop t-shirt. I will be mailing out the shirts on the 1st of September to give everyone a chance to get me their address. I have a few more success stories to add too.

Grand prize winner will be announced this summer.   Help me out, who do you think should be in the top 10???

I barely made my deadline of announcing winners before the 1st of June, close call.  This month, doing this contest has  take a toll on my work and my own training but I made my deadline :)  Thanks to Facebook and AskForum people being patient with my absense as I pulled this together.  I will only sporadically be on Facebook and the AskScooby Forum over the next 3 days as I pull my life back together.