AM/PM split workout

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So you know you are not going to be able to workout much in the next week but you have plenty of time today, what do? An AM/PM spilt workout to pulverize your body so you NEED a week off! :) Wht not just do… Read More »AM/PM split workout

bicycle touring

Biking Across China

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Well, biking across a *tiny* part of China, its a REALLY big country!  Every year I do one or two, 2-3 week long bike treks – usually in Asia.  Last year was biking across Sweden and biking from Melbourne to Sydney – both 1000km in… Read More »Biking Across China


Best Cutting Diet

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Discover the best cutting diet for you and learn how to personalize it precisely to your metabolic needs to lose fat, gain muscle and get healthy.  We engineers like to define the problem before solving it. A good cutting meal: 1) helps you lose fat… Read More »Best Cutting Diet


Act your age!

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I was told by a YouTube viewer today to “Act My Age!” in response to my video where I was doing rather heavy stiff legged deadlifts. Here is is actual comment: Why is a grown man acting like he’s in his early 20s? This is… Read More »Act your age!


egg whites in a carton

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For years I have used egg whites as a protein source. I have used whole eggs and thrown out the yolks because I found that egg whites in a carton would always give me severe gastrointestinal distress requiring that I stay in close proximity to… Read More »egg whites in a carton