Act your age!

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I was told by a YouTube viewer today to “Act My Age!” in response to my video where I was doing rather heavy stiff legged deadlifts. Here is is actual comment:

Why is a grown man acting like he’s in his early 20s? This is disgusting

and here is the video he was commenting on.  So he wants me to “Act my age“, no thanks! I am 60. The average American 60 year old:

  1. Is clinically obese.
  2. Is on medication for high blood pressure.
  3. Is on statin medication for high cholesterol.
  4. Will never be able to run 100 yards.
  5. Will never be able to ride a bike again.
  6. Is on medication for stress and anxiety.
  7. Is pre-diabetic.
  8. Will never be able to do a pullup again.
  9. Will never be able to do a pushup again.
  10. Will never take a vacation outside the country.
  11. Spends weekends watching TV and drinking beer.
  12. Thinks taking a multi-vitiman makes him healthy.
  13. Has to take Metamucil.


So he wants me to “Act my age”?  Seriously, I would rather be dead than act like the average 60 year old American.  I love biking.  I love running. I love playing volleyball.  I am excited about getting back into martial arts.  I am excited about rock climbing.  I am excited about flying my homebuilt airplane around the world.  I am excited about helping people with my fitness tools.  I am excited about the two long bike treks I take each year to remote parts of the world.

At some point when I get older I will probably be forced to slow down physically and I am completely OK with that.  I absolutely LOVE reading.  I LOVE science.  I LOVE history.  I would love to take up guitar or piano again.  Those are all things I can do when my body fails me but in the meantime I plan on getting all the mileage I can out of this old body!

Act your age!