AM/PM split workout

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So you know you are not going to be able to workout much in the next week but you have plenty of time today, what do? An AM/PM spilt workout to pulverize your body so you NEED a week off! :)

Wht not just do one really long workout? Great question! In my experience, after about an hour you simply cant push hand enough even if its completely different bodyparts.

What we are going to do is basically a 3 day split workout normally done in a week and do all the workouts in one day!!  As an example:

  • 7am: Push workout
  • 2pm:Pull workout
  • 8pm: Legs

In my case, the reason I might not be able to workout much in the next 3 weeks is because I am biking across China. Given that, I am completely comfortable skipping the leg workout :)

AM Workout (36 sets)

PM Workout (32 sets)