egg whites in a carton

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For years I have used egg whites as a protein source. I have used whole eggs and thrown out the yolks because I found that egg whites in a carton would always give me severe gastrointestinal distress requiring that I stay in close proximity to a bathroom for several hours.

Today I am trying an experiment. The hypothesis I am testing today is that it is the manufacturing process used in cheap mass produced cartonized egg whites that is the problem. I am testing this by using organic egg whites in a carton.

Here is a photo of my cauliflower rice in the pan before adding the egg whites. Upon pouring in the egg whites, the very first thing I noticed was that they do not stick like real egg whites. Even with this non-stick pan, fresh egg whites out of the shell cause a big mess where as these cartonized egg whites did not stick at all. Clearly there is a chemical difference here that I cannot fully explain. Perhaps the pasteurization process?

Let the experiment begin!

7:38am ate my first bite

7:47am about 1/2 way thru.  Gurgling felt and heard, probably just my imagination and fear.

8:48am no issues!


I am going to declare a victory here!  It appears that although cheap mass produced egg whites like is used in buffets and fast food restaurants cause a tornado in my stomach, the more expensive organic ones are fine!  I will have to repeat this a few more times before I declare a total victory.