Best Cutting Diet

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Discover the best cutting diet for you and learn how to personalize it precisely to your metabolic needs to lose fat, gain muscle and get healthy.  We engineers like to define the problem before solving it. A good cutting meal:

1) helps you lose fat – avoid hunger while at caloric deeficit
2) helps you gain or maintain muscle (high protein)
3) keeps you healthy – vitimans, fiber, antioxidants

The mistake most people make when googling “best cutting meals” or “best cutting diet” is that they are only getting a dangerous half answer. You cannot simply say that “baked chicken and broccoli” is a good cutting meal because its NOT a good cutting meal unless you eat just the right amount. Eat too much and you will GAIN fat, not lose it. Eat too little and you cause your body to burn off muscle. You have to know WHAT to eat but also HOW MUCH!

Here is a list of the best cutting meals


Best Cutting Diet

Well, there really isn’t a “best”.  What is “best” is what works for YOU.  Some people like keto, others like low-carb, some like carb cycling.  Give one a try and see if it works for you!  CustomMealPlanner makes this easy to do, simply set up a free account and enter your height, weight, etc and select a goal of “gain muscle, lose fat – 20% caloric deficit”.  Then all you need to do is select your desired nutrition type and make your meal plan in a single click!


Weight Progress Chart

What is even more exciting is that your meal plan will include a predicted bodyfat chart that will answer the question that people always ask – “How long will it take?“.  In the below example, the person is starting at 9% bodyfat and they will have sixpack abs (6% bodyfat) in 29 days.