Peloton vs Zwift

If you use Peloton what do you love about it? Why made you choose it over Zwift with a smart indoor trainer which to me looks like its more exciting but also a lot cheaper. Cardio is very important and the Peloton popularity has caught… Read More »Peloton vs Zwift

dollars per stress hour

Dollars per stress hour

When considering jobs and careers, many people focus on the salary. To me, this is wrong. What is most important is that you maximize dollars per stress hour. Being a trader on the New York Stock Exchange can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars… Read More »Dollars per stress hour


Natural cleanse and detox diet

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Cleanse and detox Forget the fad diets, the shakes, fasting, and the expensive pills and bottles of garbage. This detox cleanse diet uses the vitamins, anti-oxidants, and fiber found in natural, unprocessed foods. Its a no-nonsense and straight forward nutritional plan designed to clean your… Read More »Natural cleanse and detox diet

DIY-philosophy-how-i-learned-to-build-a house

how to build your own house

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How to build your own house I built my first house in 1991, long before YouTube.  I had basic shop skills from high school (see below video) but otherwise zero construction experience.   This stack of books is what I used to teach myself what… Read More »how to build your own house