Peloton vs Zwift

If you use Peloton what do you love about it? Why made you choose it over Zwift with a smart indoor trainer which to me looks like its more exciting but also a lot cheaper. Cardio is very important and the Peloton popularity has caught me by surprise. I have to admit that when I heard about it I thought it was an overpriced gimmick that would last about 3 months – clearly I have eaten my humble pie. There are hacks out there for $500 Peloton alternatives but I want to understand what people love about it so much before I try and come up with a cheaper alternative.
I love riding outdoors, even at night in the pouring rain. If I were to get on a stationary bike I would want it to be a ride simulator like the combination of a smart indoor trainer and Zwift provide. With Zwift, it actually simulates riding any popular course on the planet by not only providing video scenery but also by controlling the resistance of your bike to make it appropriate for the terrain. Want to ride the Tour de France course? No problem, you are now in the Alps seeing breathtaking scenery.
So this is why I dont get it and I need your help understanding. Why is it that most people choose $2000 for Peleton instead of $600 for a smart trainer and Zwift? Please help me understand!  If I am to engineer a better hack for the $2000 Peloton, I need to understand why people love it so much more than Zwift!