how to get lost wallet back 96% of the time

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Do you want your wallet back? Its simple! Just watch this 10 minute video to find my 3 second answer, LOL! OK, there is a lot of life philosophy in this video as well but I DO tell you how you can get your wallet back 96% of the time.

A lot of people have replied that “you should just be careful” and that you should “take care of your things”.  Relying on human perfection is a recipe for disaster.  To avoid unpleasant drama in life requires a multi-tier approach to everything.  Planning on not losing your wallet is a great first line of defense but you also need a backup plan so put your contact number in the wallet!

Since we are on the subject, lets talk about smartphones.  For many people, their iPhone is worth over $1000 or their Android phone is over $500.  For these folks, the value of the phone far exceeds the value of their wallet which may only have $100 in it.  Because the phone gets used all the time and gets set on things ‘temporarily’, it is far more likely to be lost than a wallet.  Not only that but because of security concerns, there is no way of finding who the owner is if you find someones phone.  If you take it into the Apple store, they WILL NOT contact the owner for you.  What this means is that if you ever want to get your expensive phone back if you lose it, you gotta put contact info on it!  Write the cellphone number of your best friend on the back and say something like “If found, PLEASE call Bob at 888-123-4567”