Sheesh! Women drivers!

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Turns out that men should let the women drive. This is from the April 2019 Consumers Reports, RED is women, BROWN is men. So only 29% of fatalities have a women driver, my guess is that this is simply a testosterone thing. I was wrong… Read More »Sheesh! Women drivers!

Kinobody pant busting boners

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Serious question, is Greg O’Gallagher gay? For a straight guy he seems to be kinda obsessed with boners. His octane supplement gives you boners. Intermittent Fasting gives you boners – boners boners boners. I am gay and really don’t want this supplement pushing skumbag on… Read More »Kinobody pant busting boners

Exciting Leangains Broscience

Just when I thought this stupid intermittent fasting thing had died along comes Kinobody to breathe new life into this money making machine. Here is the BS he touts as benefits of intermittent fasting: reduces acne reduces shortness of breath increases mental clarity prevents colds… Read More »Exciting Leangains Broscience