Obesity is a worldwide epidemic

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Worldwide obesity

I am sad to report that obesity is not just limited to America, its a serious issue in Europe as well. This trip has help me shed a tiny bit of light on the issue though. In Marseille France at our hotel buffet we were the only ones under 20% bodyfat.

For most people, obesity is a cumulative effect of dozens of tiny bad decisions every hour.

When we arrived on our cruise ship with predominately French passengers we again note an alarming number of obese people. Walking around the ship of 2500 passengers, I am pretty sure that other than Scott and I, the only one who works out is the 21 year old cruise employee who is the gym attendant.

We were very excited about our first excursion which was in Barcelona. We signed up for an e-bike tour of the city. I wanted to get exercise and figured that pedaling around a very heavy e-bike rather than using the electric assist would be a great way to see the city. Guess what, the trip was cancelled because we were the ONLY ones on the whole ship with 2500 passengers who signed up! People would rather sit in comfy busses.

Its becoming more clear to me that obesity is not ONE mistake, its a cumulative effect from dozens of little bad decisions every hour. The elevators here on the cruise ship are always jammed while the staircases remain unused. Much to the delight of the cruise line, people flock to the very inexpensive pizza, french fries, and soft serve faux ice-cream,  while leaving the expensive fresh leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables alone. People choosing the bus tours instead of bike tours. Each decision may seem insignificant when looked at independently but when you add up all the little decisions, its a lifestyle – either a healthy or an unhealthy one.

How to lose weight

  1. eat a little less
  2. exercise a little more
  3. educate yourself about good nutrition

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For most people, obesity is a cumulative effect of dozens of tiny bad decisions every hour.

Note that in the above quote I say “most people”.  Good mental health and good physical health are tightly coupled.   As I mention in a lot of the articles below, mental health issues like depression can make weight control very difficult to impossible.

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