2019 New Years Fitness Resolution – lose fat no-nonsense way

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In the below video I show you the no-nonsense way to lose fat and get fit. I know that many of you are already extremely fit but all of you have friends and family are struggling with health, and fitness so please pass this video onto them.

Some of you are thinking that you dont care about sixpack abs, you just want to be strong and healthy. Guess what? Leaner is healthier. The number one killer is heart disease and the easiest thing you can do to lower your risk is get your bodyfat down! You get healthier and as a bonus you get a sculpted midsection.

Losing fat and getting rid of the belly is straightforward and there are no shortcuts, its:

  • 85% nutrition
  • 15% cardio

You can lose weight without doing cardio, its just a lot harder BUT I dont care how much you jog, unless you control your nutrition carefully you will not lose weight.

We have all seen miracle fat loss products advertised from pills, to fat suits, to simulation belts. The truth is, if ANY of these worked then everyone would have sixpack abs. There ARE NO SHORTCUTS so dont waste your money or your time on them.  Endless situps do not remove belly fat.  Endless crunches do not remove belly fat. The time spent doing ab exercises would be much better used doing cardio.

2019 New Years Fitness Resolution – lose fat no-nonsense way

Two easy steps:

  1. Do 30 min cardio a day. Start with walking.
  2. Get your nutrition in order which is easier than you think! Here is how to set up a free meal kit delivery service in 5 minutes with meals optimized to your metabolic rate.

Make a free account at CustomMealPlanner.com. Enter your weight, height, age, to set your metabolic rate and choose a goal of 20% caloric reduction. Estimate your bodyfat using this estimation chart and save your configuration. Now click on week meal plan and choose your desired nutrition type. Click on this link to make a shopping list and then click on this link to have the groceries sent to your doorstep! Its that easy!

If you want to know how long it will take to get those sixpack abs, check the bodyfat chart on your mealplan!

Weight lifting and fat loss

You will also notice that I have not mentioned weight lifting yet and its because cleaning up your nutrition is WAY more important when it comes to fat loss. Weight lifting helps a little with long term fat loss by increasing your muscle mass, which in turn raises your metabolic rate slightly, which makes it easier to keep the weight off.  This slight increase in metabolic rate is minuscule in comparison to the fat loss effectiveness of cardio and good, clean nutrition.   Lifting weights and getting stronger IS a very important component of being healthy and staying injury free.  Strong people are more active and less likely to get injured in everyday life.  If you are obese though, your bodyfat is your #1 health risk and you need to focus on that.

The first month of January has a very high drop out rate at gyms and its because people do too much, too fast, and get overwhelmed or injured. If you are new to fitness then I would strongly suggest that at first you skip the weights. When you have had your nutrition and cardio under control for a few months, THEN start to phase in a simple weight lifting program like the free workout plans I have at scoobyswork.shop.  A good first step is to do my rotisserie core workout for a few weeks to build up core strength then start either my  great beginning home workout and a great beginning gym workout.  You CAN gain muscle and lose fat at the same time and its a very good idea BUT, get your cardio and nutrition under control first so you dont get overwhelmed.

Removing stubborn belly fat

There is no such thing as spot fat removal.  I dont care whether you want to remove it from your belly, thighs, butt, or face.   Despite all the misinformation from snake-oil salesman on the internet, here is how it works: The body decides where the fat comes off, not you.  The only thing you have control over is your daily caloric deficit.  If you have a consistent caloric deficit day after day, month after month, then the fat will come off and it will eventually come off the area where it bothers you – but not before.


Make 2019 your fittest year ever! Do that daily cardio and get your nutrition in order and burn off the calories!