Scooby quote of the day

People who rationalize every expenditure with “its ONLY $XX per month!” always end up with maxed out credit cards. It might be that a gym “only costs $40/mo” but your cellphone is “only $80/mo” and your cable TV is “only $60/month” and that brand new… Read More »Scooby quote of the day


DEXA Bodyfat Scans

Many people become devastated when they get the result of their DEXA scan as it is far higher than they anticipate. People tend to defer to the ‘experts’ even when common sense says something is wrong. Just because an answer comes from a computer does… Read More »DEXA Bodyfat Scans


The ADHD Instagram era

This is the ADHD Instagram era where people get bored if a workout video is over 15s long. Video makers no pander to the attention deficit and simply give little information snippets. The problem is, success cannot come from disjointed snippets. In fact, often a… Read More »The ADHD Instagram era

Trainieren mit Scooby in Wien!

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Trainieren mit Scooby in Wien! Das ist dein Gelegenheit mit Scooby zu trainieren wenn du in Wien wohnst!!!  Diese Wochenende, Samstag 7.7.2018, Donauinsel 16:00–18:00 Wir machen ein Ziehen Workout.  Wenn Sie ein “suspension trainer” oder wiederstandbaende hast, bitte, bringst sie mit! Die Treffpunkt am Google… Read More »Trainieren mit Scooby in Wien!


Scooby’s Fahrradtour von Wien nach Basel

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Am 14.7.2018 gibt es ein Aktuell GPS realtime karte hier.  Bitte!  Finde mich um ‘Hello’ zu sagen!!!!  Ich werde auch “Meet und Greets” am meine Tour haben – Bitte folge mir auf Instagram um Mitteilungen zu bekommen!