Exciting Leangains Broscience

Just when I thought this stupid intermittent fasting thing had died along comes Kinobody to breathe new life into this money making machine. Here is the BS he touts as benefits of intermittent fasting:

  • reduces acne
  • reduces shortness of breath
  • increases mental clarity
  • prevents colds
  • increases sex drive
  • makes you crave healthier foods
  • allows binging on huge meals
  • get lean despite binging
  • increases muscle growth

Huh?  People still believe this guy?  This reads exactly like what it is, snake oil sales. I think we have the new Mike Chang minus the “Chinese Scientists”.

I’m wondering how horrible the health of this 20 year old Kinobody is that he notices shortness of breath. Also, from Kinobody’s “head scratching” writing in the above “10 Amazing benefits of Intermittent Fasting”, I think we can completely scratch off the “increases mental clartiy” thing. “Get lean despite binging”, seriously!

Perhaps I should use Kinobodies website as my script for mock infomercials.