CHANGED: Athens Greece Meet And Greet

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I am REALLY sorry but I just got notified that the cruise line had changed our port schedule due to bad weather.  If you know anyone who was planning on coming on Sunday PLEASE tell them that it has changed to the same time on saturday. I feel really bad because I know often that people drive long distances for these and I dont want someone to show up only to find I left 24hours prior.

Athens Greece Meet and Greet

Now is now Saturday 16. February at 11:00am in front of the Parthenon, right where we are standing in this photo!

Our boat (MSC Sinfonia) docks at 9:00am and we plan on being the first ones off.  We will be taking the subway (M1) in to the Parthenon.  If you want, meet us at the ship or the subway station and go in with us or you can meet us at the pictured location at the Parthenon itself.