Sheesh! Women drivers!

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Turns out that men should let the women drive.

This is from the April 2019 Consumers Reports, RED is women, BROWN is men. So only 29% of fatalities have a women driver, my guess is that this is simply a testosterone thing. I was wrong is suspecting that part of this was due to the fact that there are more men drivers than women drivers. Google says that there are more women drivers than men so it makes their low fatality rate even more impressive.

Guys, let the woman drive!

OK, now what I am wondering if its truly just testosterone at work here or the need that some men have to impress each other with their speed or driving skills. Gay men rarely have this same need to impress with cars so what would make really interesting research is to see how the fatality rate of straight male drivers vs gay male drivers.


This is what I love about my followers, they have learned from me well when I have said believe nothing you read or hear, even from me.  In this case, a Facebook follower caught a fatal flaw showing how statistics can lie,

First of all, shame on Consumer Reports for not mentioning this.  I had the right idea but failed in my data gathering.  I knew it was important to know what percent of miles were driven by men when trying to decide if the fact that they are in 71% of accidents is significant or not.  The article I found above shows that more women have drivers licenses than men, NOT that women drive more miles.  This facebook fan found this car insurance data website which shows that 62% of miles are male.  Given that 62% of miles are driven by men, the fact that 71% of fatal accidents are caused by men is significant but not earth shattering.