Man Girdle I have to commend these people on truthful advertising. This is a legitimate product and they dont pretend its something its not. They call it “Insta-Slim” rather than what it is which is a girdle for a man … but then who would… Read More »Man-Girdle

Unsafe Exercises

Unsafe Exercises You have all seen this funny picture but lets use it as a “teaching moment” to show what your thought process should be during every exercise. 1) Safety first, ask yourself what could go wrong. Well, the precarious plates under my hands could… Read More »Unsafe Exercises

Acai is healthy, right?

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Acai is healthy, right? Acai has been all the rage the last few years because of its anti-oxidant properties so this Acai product is good for you, right? Products like the one pictured line the shelves of nearly every store taking advantage of consumers interest… Read More »Acai is healthy, right?


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Rezzies The gyms across the world are flooded with New Years Resolutioners (“Rezzies”) this week.  Most regulars at the gym roll their eyes when the subject comes up.  Yes, its inconvenient to have a crowded gym.  No, the Ressies dont know gym etiquette and can… Read More »Rezzies

Narrow Grip Pullups

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Narrow Grip Pullups Narrow grip pullups are an awesome exercise that work lats, biceps, shoulders and forearms. You can do them at home or at the gym.   For most people, narrow grip pullups are much easier than the classic overhand pullup.  If you still… Read More »Narrow Grip Pullups