LIESTRONG, Lance Armstrong takes the V out of LIVESTRONG

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LIESTRONG Lance Armstrong takes the V out of LIVESTRONG.


As avid cyclist for three decades, I am angry, very angry – he has tarnished MY favorite sport. I hope the Lance Armstrong spends the rest of his miserable life either in jail or in the courtroom having his pants sued off. What’s next, America’s Cup race boats being used to smuggle cocaine?

Lance Armstrong’s long awaited, big apology:

I’m really sorry that I lost my 75 Million dollar Nike sponsorship and that I’m not allowed to compete in any sanctioned sporting events.

Wow Lance, that brings tears to my eyes! You have two hours with Oprah to come clean and THAT is your apology?

Perhaps a better apology would have covered these points:

  • An entire generation of Tour de France cyclists who never had a chance. Their professional cycling careers completely ruined. Without the big sponsorships that wins bring in, these world class cyclists are working for minimum wage in bike shops changing tires.
  • All the lives who Lance completely ruined. With his ill gained fortunes Lance gets the best attorneys that money can buy and proceeds to ruin innocent lives with lawsuits. Their only crime? Daring to expose Armstrong’s drug scandal. With Lances army of high priced lawyers, he beats the entire media into quiet submission.
  • What about Lance’s teammates who were bullied into his doping program? How many of them will have health problems?
  • Singlehandedly destroying the prestigious reputation of cycling for decades to come.   There is even talk of removing cycling from the olympics. Rather than bicycling coming to mind when someone says “Cycling”, what comes to mind is steroid-cycling.  Gee, thanks Lance!
  • For manipulating the American public into feeling sorry for him and his testicular cancer when its very likely that his doping program was part of the problem. For using the LIVESTRONG foundation as a public relations tool to foster his bullying campaign.
  • For trying to bribe the USADA

Want to try another apology Lance?  I think Piers Morgan summed up Lance Armstrong perfectly in his tweet –

“A sniveling, lying, cheating little wretch”

Lance Armstrong is the most brazen unrepentant cheater the sporting world has ever known. Rules did not apply to Armstrong and it appears that he still doesn’t think they do.

Lance, we spit upon your Nike™ shoes.