I cant afford healthy food

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“I cant afford healthy food”

To those who say this, let me ask you a few questions:

  1. How much do you spend a week at Starbucks?
  2. How much do you spend on sodas a week?
  3. How much do you spend a week on alcohol?
  4. How much do you spend a week at fast food restaurants?
  5. How much do you spend a week at sit-down restaurants?
  6. How much do you spend a week on packaged convienience and snack foods?

Total that all up.  Still think that healthy food is expensive? Unhealthy food sure is! Lets look at how much healthy food costs.  The below prices were from my 1/20/2013 shopping trip to Costco:

organic food is not expensive


With just the things in this photo (plus frozen organic vegetables) you can make these really quick healthy meals that are cheap too!

Meal Cost Protein
Scash $2.00 28g
Sa-mush $3 34g
Beans & Salsa $1 16g

The above prices are probably comparable with what you would spend at a fast food restaurant and a LOT healthier. You can make any of the above organic, healthy, and inexpensive meals in less than FIVE minutes. Ever better is that all of the foods shown in the photo above keep for a long time (Salmon in freezer) so you dont have to do shopping every week. If none of the above recipeies tickles your fancy, consider getting the Anabolic Cookbook by Dave Ruel – he is a lot better at this cooking stuff than I am.

If you STILL say that you dont have time to make your meals, please read about time management for bodybuilders!

Lets talk briefly about cost. Eating healthy can be a LOT cheaper than eating unhealthy! Lets start with the morning beverage, the average American stops into Starbucks for a $3 coffee. Wanna save $2.75, have something healthier, and save 20 minutes per day? Drink green tea! Its 14 cents per cup! Then breakfast, a Denny’s breakfast is about $7 with tip, and is quite unhealthy. Instead make Scash for $2.00! Most people go out to lunch to fast food and the average meal is about $6 including beverage and has about 1200 calories. Instead have beans and salsa for $1, its cheaper and a LOT healthier. Eating healthy is NOT expensive, its cheap!!! Be creative and come up with your own recipes!

healthy fast food for bodybuilders