Video Skype with me on YouTube Live broadcast

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Video Skype with me on YouTube Live broadcast

I’m turning this into a cool new talkshow format which as far as I know has not been done before.  Its a fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition talk show with the twist that YOU appear on the video with me!  Dont do/say anything you wouldnt want your Grandmother to hear because it will be recorded for all eternity on YouTube. See broadcast start time in your timezone.

To be on my talkshow:

  1. test your webcam with a friend to make sure your microphone works
  2. tune in at the start of the broadcast to get my Skype address, I will not be repeating it so you need to watch from the beginning of the program.
  3. when the message on the screen “Skype lines now open” appears, call in. In skype, make sure to click on the movie camera icon and not the phone icon. I will not answer voice only calls.
  4. mute your YouTube video player!  If you dont do this we will get horrible audio feedback and I will drop your call unceremoniously to save my ears.
  5. After I answer your call, it will take about 20s for me to get you up on the video.  We will just do small talk in that time, I’ll let you know when I’m ready for your question.

Watch the broadcast here:

Fitness and bodybuilding video talk show